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Tangy Ginger Breeze Cocktail Recipe

As many of you know I enjoy getting creative in the kitchen.  I create all manner of foods both savoury and sweet and love to have time to just play and experiment with flavours.  Being a busy mum of three no make that four (forgot to include the hubby) I don’t get much time to do that but I squeeze it in once in a while.  Over Christmas I managed to get a few minutes of kitchen play time and decided to experiment making a new cocktail which features a product that I only recently got to try Spiced Ginger Beer from Fentimans.  This is just as lovely as their original ginger beer but with a more exotic flavour.

The ginger flavour was not as strong as in some ginger beers and I wanted to give it an added kick and also add a splash of lemon and lime as these flavours work well together.  With this in my mind I began experimenting and from there my Tangy Ginger Breeze was born.

fentimans3This recipe is so easy to make that anyone can do it and it features just three main ingredients which adds to the simplicity.

Serves 1


20-25ml Kings ginger liqueur

165ml Fentimans spiced ginger beer (half a bottle)

100ml 7up or sprite

Ice cube if required

A slice of lemon or lime to garnish


Pour the ginger liqueur into a tall glass.  Slowly add in the ginger beer and then the 7up / sprite so it does do not end up with a large head of foam.  If it isn’t cold enough add some ice cubes, garnish with a slice of lemon or lime and serve.


You might want to repeat the above as it’s super yummy , enjoy round 2!

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  1. sounds yummy, ginger is one of my favourite flavours

  2. It sounds so refreshing! I think it would be perfect for a summer barbecue.

    1. It sure would it’s very refreshing but also great anytime of year.

  3. Ginger drinks are always surprisingly pleasant. With the addition of lemon and lime, you have a taste bud sensation.

    1. You sure do, it really tastes great.

  4. OMG gorgeous!! This is already making me think of summer yummmmmm wow

  5. This sounds so delicious and refreshing. I can almost taste it! Kaz x

  6. Bet this is a refreshing cocktail x

    1. It is refreshing and very tasty too!

  7. Love the sound of this cocktail

    1. It’s really yummy I’m glad I got to get mixing 😉

  8. Ah this sounds delicious! I love making up my own cocktail recipes, although I’ve never tried making one with ginger beer!

  9. Almost fancy a glass myself now

  10. This sounds like a really delicious cocktail, I will have to try it

  11. Just my thing as I love ginger and lemon combo

  12. Not heard of kings ginger liqueur certainly id give this one a try x

  13. Ooooh, this looks really nice. I don’t have ginger beer often but I do like it. It reminds me of my dad. I’ve only ever mixed it with Jagermeister before. I think I may have to try your cocktail.

    1. Enjoy Fay. This cocktail is very refreshing!

  14. I adore ginger and this is definitely on my list!

    1. It is really yummy!

  15. I bet my mum would love this, and her birthday is coming up soon…

    1. This is a lovely cocktail, great for parties.

  16. Oooh this sounds lovely, really refreshing and so easy to make xxx

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