Comment on Scrambled Eggs with Truffle Infused Salami, Cheese and Coriander by Joanna.

I have never had truffle salami before but I can imagine how delicious it is! This recipe sounds perfect for breakfast, except for the coriander. I am one of the 20% of the population who things coriander tastes like soap, haha. 🙂

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Learning Times Tables The Fun Way!
Your post reminds me of the time when I was struggling to learn the times table and how hard I thought it was from 7 above. I remember my grandfather thought me an easy way to remember which worked really well at the time, but which now I forgot. This sounds like a great product to help children learn easier.

Recreating Emma Stone’s and Ryan Goslings Red Carpet Look
What a great idea, to recreate Ryan and Emma’s looks on the red carpet. You have chosen really well, I love the red dress and the high heel shoes. The Lala Land shopping event sounds like it’s going to be very entertaining, especially with the dance performances.

Chorizo and Cheese Scrambled Eggs
I really like the addition of chorizo in your scrambled eggs. I agree it is a bit salty but it’s so delicious! In Spain they cook prawns in the fat left after cooking chorizo in the pan and call it pil-pil. It’s so good!

Thai Square Covent Garden
It’s always so hard to find a good restaurant around the touristy areas of London, and Covent Garden doesn’t make an exception. This restaurant looks really good though. I would love to try the prawns dumplings (some of my favorite type of dumplings in the world) and the scallops, but without the coriander. 🙂

How to Create a Neutral Look at Home Without Redecorating
I agree that having interesting frames and pictures on the walls can transform the look of a house. As soon as I put up the walls a few Paris paintings, my living room look changed. Also, the curtains can have this effect as well.

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