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I wanted to introduce you all to a super scrumpy chocolate spread with macadamia nuts called Macabella.  Macabella is fairly new to the UK but is set to do well having already been voted product of the year in the Consumer survey of Product Innovation by Australian consumers.  There are two varieties of Macabella to choose from Velvet and Crunch which are self explanatory.  These spreads are made with a divine creamy Belgian cocoa blend with a higher percentage of nuts compared to other spreads.  The texture is lovely and thick and the flavour is rich and delicious.


These are great for spreading on toast for breakfast, adding to sandwiches, spreading on pancakes and can even be used to make cupcakes!


 Yes it’s true and these cupcakes are amazing!!!!  I of course should know because I have created them.  My Macabella cupcakes use not one but both forms of Macabella.  The velvet version works well within the actual cupcake sponge and the crunch in the smooth rich and luxurious ganache that tops these super indulgent cupcakes.

Before I give you the recipe I just wanted to tell you why including Macadamia nuts in your diet is a good.  Here’s the health part!  Aside from their great buttery flavour Macadamia nuts are full of all sorts of nutrients including antioxidants like polyphenols, Amino acids, flavones, and selenium.  These antioxidants help protect us from external toxins and cell damage.  They are also full of monounsaturated fats which help to lower LDL (bad fats) and can help promote weight loss as they are rich in palmitoleic acid, and omega 7 fatty oil.  these provide building blocks for the enzymes and control the burning of fat and help to reduce the appetite.  Palmitoleic acid increases fat metabolism (yaaaaaaayyyyy) and reduces fat storage within the body. The fatty acid content of Macadamia nuts makes them an extremely satisfying food and you generally need just a handful to feel content.  Palmitoleic fatty acids have a positive effect on the skin as it delays the process of cell and skin ageing. As we age palmitoleic acid levels drop and this is why macadamia nut oil is a key ingredient in many anti-ageing products.

So now you have a small insight into how fabulous Macadamia nuts really are why not take a look at a simple and tasty recipe where you can use both the spreads that I mentioned.

I got to use my super shiny, new Russell Hobbs Mixer which I shall tell you all about at a later date.

Macabella Cupcakes

Makes 12-15 depending on how large you want them.


For the Cupcakes

200g caster sugar

3 medium eggs

1.5tbs heaped Macabella Velvet

120g butter

120g milk

240g plain flour

3tsp baking powder

For the Ganache

700ml double cream

2 heaped tbs Macabella Crunchy


For the Sponge

You need 1-2 muffin trays and muffin cupcake cases.  Place these in the tray(s) before starting.

Place the milk and butter in a pan and heat lightly until the butter melts.  This can be done whilst you are doing the next step to save time.  Once it has melted set aside.

Measure out the sugar into the bowl and add the eggs and vanilla essence.  Mix well.  You need to get as much air into this.  You know it’s ready when it becomes a lighter colour and looks thick and creamy.

Add in the Macabella Velvet and mix.

Pour in the butter and milk mixture and stir well.

Combine the flour and baking powder and sift into the mixing bowl. Gently fold in using a spatula with a figure of eight motion.

Try not to over fold or the cake will lose it’s fluffy texture and become dense.

Once combined pour into the muffin cases and cook at 180 degrees for approximately 16-18 minutes depending on your oven.

Now the hard part, wait for the cakes to cool.

For the Ganache

Whisk the Macabella gently into the cream taking care not to over whisk as the nut pieces will get broken down and the cream will lose its shine.

mac2I know that you are all super jealous as the spread and cupcakes look amazing and as I am one for spreading the love and even the chocolate (It’s hard but I like to be fair) I am pleased to announce that 4 readers will get the chance to win a Jar of Macabella Velvet and a Jar of Macabella Crunchy.

That’s 4 winners with 1 jar of each!!!

Instructions if needed can be found here:


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Look out for the daily entry options for extra entries.

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Enter here:

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Good luck x

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  1. I love macadamia nuts hot with butter and salt. Also love peanut butter so this looks like something I would like/love too

  2. Love baking. You can’t beat the taste of a cake fresh out of the oven. I have no choice in trying out this recipe. I can’t resist a cake. Watch out for the feedback.

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