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Courgette, Semi Dried Tomato and Olive Omelette

Eggs can make a great meal.  They are rich in protein, and also contain Vitamins D, E, K, B6, calcium and zinc.  Although high in cholesterol they help raise the HDL (HIgh Density Lipoprotein) also termed good cholesterol so help reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.  They also contain antioxidants which help improve eye health.  Due to their high protein content eggs are thought to help keep you feeling fuller for longer and therefore taking in less calories.  Many of us do not eat enough eggs so here is a simple and tasty recipe you might like to try for yourself to increase your weekly egg intake.  This recipe can be adapted to suit your taste so mix and match ingredients to your liking.


1 tbs olive oil

1 medium courgette

100g semi dried tomatoes

50g pitted kalamata olives

3 medium eggs

1tbs milk (full fat)

40g mature cheddar (grated)

Freshly ground sea salt to taste

Freshly ground pepper to taste


Thinly slice the courgette into discs.  Break the eggs into a bowl, add the milk and give it a little whisk until it lightens in colour a little.  Set aside.  Heat a frying pan and add in 1 tbs olive oil.  Throw in the courgette and cook for approx. 3 minutes then add in the tomatoes and olives.  Add in freshly ground salt and pepper to taste and stir.  Sprinkle over the cheese.


Pour over the egg mixture and cook at a low / medium heat, covered with a lid for approx. 5 minutes until the egg is completely cooked through.


Serve hot.


Enjoy x

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  1. I absolutely love making omelettes and I can’t just go for 2 or 3 egg one I go all out and use 4 usually 🙂 x

    1. They are great and so quick and simple to make.

  2. This omelette looks yummy and I love how you’ve sneaked plenty of veg in there 😀

    1. It was very yummy, I’m thinking of trying out a few different recipes 😉

  3. he is so adorable! We love omelettes and I can’t wait to try your recipe 😀

    1. Enjoy Diana, I love omelettes as you can add almost anything to them 😉

  4. Ooooh this looks so good. I never had anything this exciting as a kid!

    1. I actually made it for me but the mini ones wanted some too 😉

  5. He is just gorgeous, omelettes are fab and this one looks so tasty xx

    1. Thanks Danielle, we do love a good omelette at ours 😉

  6. He is a cutie. I eat eggs everyday. Omelettes are so yummy.

    1. I need to eat them more often they are great for you. 😉

  7. Great omelette idea, I always seem to run out of inspiration when it comes to omelettes and just do boring ham/cheese/mushroom which are still nice but I think its time to be a little more adventurous

    1. It just takes a few ingredienst to create something new and delicious you need to get experimenting 😉

  8. I am a big fan of Omelettes, though we had an omelette maker so cheat slightly ha.

    1. I’m the omelette maker at mine 😉

  9. This looks absolutely yummy! I am a big fan of omelettes, but get stuck thinking of new combinations, so this could be a winner!

    1. Glad to help Tanya, I am sure I will be featuring more recipes like this soon.

  10. I am definitely giving this a try – I know my whole family would love it too x

    1. Enjoy Hannah, I am sure they will love it 😉

  11. This looks SO good! I’ve been looking at courgette recipes lately as it’s something me and the kids all enjoy! This sounds perfect for us and easy to make, too! Thank you for sharing xx

    1. No problem Sarah, I’m glad you liked it. It is lovely recipe 😉

  12. This sounds delicious, really easy to make too! Great for kids and adults alike!!

    1. It really is easy to make and full of flavour 😉

  13. I have never tried courgette in an omelette before, so this will be a first for me.
    Great way to use them.
    I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂

    1. Enjoy Diane, they can be combined with lots of different things to make great tasting meals;-)

  14. Wow looks like a very nice omlette, thanks for sharing the recipe

    1. Glad you liked it, I love this sort of dish, tasty and healthy 😉

  15. I love omelette but it rarely crosses my mind to make one because one of my girls is allergic to eggs. Your omelette looks yum.

    1. That’s such a shame they make a lovely meal x

  16. My kids will love this recipe as they love their eggs over rice so much. Will try and incorporate some semi dried tomatoes and courgette as well for a healthy treat!
    It looks delicious from here 🙂

    Much love.

    1. It’s a nice tasty dish which is easily adapted to taste 😉

  17. Healthy , tasty , and easy , this one ticks all the boxes !

    1. It is a great recipe x

  18. I’d enjoy this, but OH won’t eat olives – silly man!

    1. Oh dear, you can leave those out and give him it without, enjoy 😉

  19. The omelette looks absolutely delicious, I need to recreate this one this weekend. I am collection omelette recipes for the weekend.

  20. Omelettes are my thing right now, I am loving salmon and green beans as the ingredients currently but maybe I should try something new x

    1. That sounds great I love smoked salmon in omelettes 😉

  21. I love courgettes what a great recipe, thanks for sharing.

    1. No problem Geoff, enjoy 😉

  22. OOh now this does look delightful and anything with Olives in, gets my vote x

  23. I haven’t had courgette in ages, and never with olives, I bet that tastes great; this whole dish sounds lovely.

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