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What To Consider When Making Home Cooked Meals For Pets

Cooking a homemade meal is one of the quickest ways to your companion’s heart I should know, it worked on my husband!! Everyone loves the smell and taste of freshly made treats and food and they seem to eat them much faster than any store bought varieties (in most cases!). However, there are a couple of considerations to keep in mind for those considering cooking up fresh meals for their pets.  To help you ensure that your pets are getting the best care possible, I’ve put together a list of things to keep in mind so you that you can make the best decision for you in regards to meals for your pets.

Just Like People Each Pet Is Different

Cooking food for your pets isn’t as easy as just controlling your own diet and changing the things you eat.  It’s not possible to just quickly switch to a home-cooked diet for your pets and they will, of course, they will have different nutritional needs.  Make sure you look online for a credible source that explains just exactly what your pets nutritional requirements are.  Whether you’re looking after a cat, dog or even a rabbit, they all have different dietary needs and it is important to keep their nutrition in check.  It’s also important to know that some foods that we eat may make our pets ill if they eat them so make sure you do your research.  Dogs, for example, will have different tastes, so something recommended online may or may not be something that your dog will enjoy.


Prepared Store Bought Food Will Always Be More Convenient

Unless you’re an expert in pet nutrition and have ample time to prepare meals in advance it’s always going to be far more convenient to leave your pet’s nutrition to the experts.  Store-bought food isn’t necessarily bad and there are plenty of tasty premium options that your pets will love, but cooking your own pet food is a great way to show your affection to your pet and it can end up being much cheaper as well plus you chose what goes into each meal.

Take Nutrition Seriously When Cooking Meats For You Pet

It’s important to look at just how much of the various nutrients your pet needs. Different breeds will also have different requirements and you need to do a bit of research regarding how much of a certain nutrient the foods you’re preparing will provide your pet. This can be a lengthy process and may limit the foods you can and can’t cook for your pet. Thankfully, you can purchase supplements like green lipped mussel for dogs that you can add along with your food in order to boost the nutritional value. In most cases, you’ll have to supplement your food with these types of extras just to get that little boost to help your pets stay healthy.

Pre-prepared pets food foods have come a long way in recent years and the choice of products has grown considerably.  It’s not for everyone though although the same can be said about making the meals at home for some.  There’s quite a bit to consider before you start cooking homemade meals for your pets. It’s not just a case of giving your pets a bit of your own food and at times it will feel like cooking for a really difficult child. However, it does get easier once you build up your knowledge in relation to cooking delicious meals for your pet to enjoy.

Would you consider making your pets food from scratch or would you prefer to buy ready made meals?

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  1. I am not a pet owner but could not agree more. I personally don’t know anyone making meals for their pets.

    1. I know a few that will go buy meat or chicken for their pets but most buy pre made foods.

  2. My husband occasionally cooks treats for our cats, and they really enjoy home cooked food, but on an every day basis it’s a lot easier to give them store-bought pet food.

    1. It can be easier to give home cooked food I totally agree. It can be nice to give them home cooked meals a few times a week for ease.

  3. I know that a raw diet is supposed to be really good for pets but I think with everything I have going on it would be a bit too much for me to handle. And I’m a vegan so I wouldn’t relish all the meat preparation involved!

    1. It can take time to prepare. Preprepared foods can be a lot more convenient.

  4. I have to admit if we make something to eat with meal in it we often give Sal a little bit as a treat, she is on a special diet though so we do have to be careful about what we give her.

  5. we are a large family of 10 so when we cook for us the dogs get the left overs , theyre dry food dogs so its a treat

  6. I think if a pet could eat what I was making I’d consider cooking for them x

  7. I used to have a cat who loved cabbage. She was going nuts when my mother would cook any cabbage dish so we ended up giving some to her as well. She would leave the bowl empty, every time 🙂

  8. Great advice! I never thought about making home cooked meals for our dog, I simply don’t have the time with four children and a husband to feed! I should try it though!

  9. I don’t make meals for my pets, I buy brands that are well known to be so nutritious. I don’t think I could do with the fuss of making them food everyday actually.

    1. I think it all depends on our circumstances. Some have more time than others to do this.

  10. Good stuff here…..sadly cheetahs like raw meat and blood as well as crunching on bones so I doubt Paladin will be eating anything homemade. But I know that watching what we feed our dogs and cats takes a lot more then pouring food into a bowl. I do let Paladin have some veggies only if he has shown he’ll eat them….

    1. Wow sounds like you have your hands full there.

  11. We buy pre-made food for our pets, apart from our Turtle. He doesn’t like any sort of store bought foods, so we feed him fresh and he absolutely thrives x

    1. I think in some cases fresh ca be best x

  12. My Dad used to make home cooked meals for our dog, he liked to know exactly what he was eating x

    1. It is good to have an idea of what our pets are eating. You never know what’s in some of the pre made foods.

  13. I’ve never even thought of making meals for my cats! Makes totally sense now I think about it although we are veggie so I don’t think I could really bring myself to cook meat! x

    1. It isn’t so easy for vegetarians as the handling meat part isn’t so easy.

  14. This is a great reminder to people that a pets diet is just as important as a persons diet…they need nutrients just like us x

  15. Lots of great tips here. We put so much focus on what we eat, but often forget to consider our pets.

  16. I think for me store bought would always be the ways as I don’t know the first thing about nutrition for pets. These are good tips to consider for sure.

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