Comment on Keeping Your Dog Healthy and Happy by Jen.

I would absolutely love to have a dog, but the huge commitment that they require has always put me off. I know I simply have not had the time to fulfill the needs as yet. Plenty of exercise, good food and attention are key to a healthy dog. Not forgetting the regular vet checks for things like monthly meds, and yearly jabs.

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Advanced Snail Duo Moisturiser from Skin Chemists
Everyone that I have heard that has tried snail products has always said how good the results are.

Chorizo and Cheese Scrambled Eggs
Scrambled egg is so often under rated. It is a great dish to make quickly, with full of nutrition. Your recipe idea looks delicious, the addition of chorizo is fab, very tasty.

Hankies Restaurant
The food sounds and looks amazing. I didn’t heed your warning, and continued to read, and now, even though it is only 9 something in the morning, I’d happily munch on many of these dishes. They look amazing. Looks like a place certainly worth visiting.

Creamy, Cheese Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Salmon
This is the delicious kind of breakfast or lunch that I’d treat us to on a relaxing day. Delicious and full of goodness.

Pure Potions Shampoo and Conditioner
Pure Potions sound lovely. I do like products without SLS, but it is odd getting used to the less frothy feel of them. Certainly a brand to look out for.

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