Comment on Keeping Your Dog Healthy and Happy by Sarah Ann.

Our dog Bailey likes a lot of love, but he’s also never been allowed any of our food as a ‘treat’ – we’ve always been on strict on that. He’s really well behaved at our meal times and doesn’t bat an eyelid when we sit down to dinner.

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Recreating Emma Stone’s and Ryan Goslings Red Carpet Look
The dress is beautiful! I would love to recreate my own red carpet look, it sounds like so much fun and I love any excuse to get dressed up.

Tips For Gift Buying
I love buying my friends experiences or booking them tickets for show or taking them for a nice meal – it means so much more to them and creates lovely memories.

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Old Phone?
I recently upgraded to the Samsung S8 and it was one of the best moves I made. Amazing phone, absolutely love it.

Creating Gorgeous Wedding Photos That Look Great On Social Media
I’m not yet married (or engaged, hoping he reads this, haha) but I’ve already thought a lot about the sort of wedding photos I would want because there are photos I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. I love photos that are relaxed and unposed for, that just capture a split second happy moment.

Arthur Price Despicable Me 3 Crockery and Cutlery
They are adorable! My sister is 25 and she would love them, haha! A 15 year guarantee is seriously impressive.

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