Comment on Keeping Your Dog Healthy and Happy by Angela Ricardo Bethea.

If I had a dog I’d pretty much cuddle with it all day long and shower it with lots of love. Providing healthy food and a check up with the vet once in a while would be good too.

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It’s never too early to start thinking about buying Christmas presents and all of those are awesome ideas.

Thai Square Covent Garden
That place sounds great and their food and beverages look delish especially the mango and coconut ice cream.

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Mitsi is a very lovely name to your Mitsubishi. These are really awesome ideas!

Germ Scientists Approve 5 Second Food Rule!
Yeah I totally agree that it really depends on where the food fell for that 5 second rule. But for our little ones, as much as possible, don’t let them eat it because their tummy is still sensitive to germs. For adults like us, it’s fine.

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I totally adore the Velux blinds. Looks great, chic and modern. I’ll be checking them out. xx

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