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We all have an assortment of friends which can consist of a limited or a mixed variety of types.  Some are easy to get along with and some take that bit more effort on our parts to keep the friendship going and avoid clashes.

Here Are Some Types You Might Have In Your Circles

The Mother

Not necessarily a mother but someone that has a tendency to look after those in the group.  They are always making sure everyone is able to get to where they are all meeting and has a safe ride home.

The People Pleaser

Someone that is super flexible in order to make sure they fit in with what everyone else wants.  Can get on well with self absorbed individuals until of course they eventually get fed up.  Trust me I’ve been there a few times myself.

The Self Absorbed One

In a good group of people these types don’t tend to last particularly long.  Soon enough people will conveniently forget to invite them to group meet ups.  Who really wants to hang around with anyone that is totally self centred and self serving!

The Tight One

There is always one person that although can afford it wants to pay the bare minimum when squaring up a bill even if your all paying for your own food.  This crafty individual will add in less then the amount their part of the bill comes too and will not think twice about it.  And don’t even expect them to consider contributing to the service charge.  Sound like anyone you know?  (I used too, she didn’t last long in our group.)

The Lazy One

The one that always expects others to chase around after them to give them a lift or continuously meet up locally to them to make their lives easier.  Another one that people will eventually get fed up of.  If this is you, try and make more of an effort, people won’t chase around after you indefinitely.

The Fun One

Every group has someone that can really brighten up a get together.  Someone that’s great fun, gets on with everyone and has a great sense of humour.

The One That’s Always Late

We all have at least one friend that has made being late an art form.  I have a friend that turned up around 3 hours late once and trust me she has never lived it down.  Since then we have our time and her time and sometimes adjust the start time when telling her to a few hrs earlier in the hope she might actually make it on time!!!!

Don’t forget it’s not the number of friends you have that’s important it’s the types of friends you have.  Friends that will last the test of time are priceless, treasure them!

Can you identify which friend you are?

Do you have any other friend types to add to the list?

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11 thoughts on “What Type of Friend Are You?”

  1. These reminded of my college friends. Everyone had some quality or other. I have always been a mother type friend. But nowadays I don’t make friends.

    1. I think after a certain point if you have friends you tend to stop adding more to the list as it were unless it’s someone really lovely.

  2. There are all types of people and all our friends differ but the key thing in friendship is how true the friend is and will they stick around through thick and thin?

  3. I’m definitely a people pleaser. I’m very shy and don’t like the thought of being judged by people so I tend to agree with people to make them happy. I act differently with each person I meet too, depending on their views on different things and their sense of humour. I wish I were more outgoing!

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