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Bills are a necessary for evil that we all must endure.  I know it’s a daunting thought but it’s one of those adult things we all have to accept and work around. We all need heating, we all need water and we all need electricity to live comfortably. However, letting your bills weigh you down will only make you feel even worse about your financial situation and home life. There are a few practical and useful ways you can avoid letting your bills get to you:

Change The Way You Think About Your Bills

Making the effort to change the way you think about your bills can actually give you a whole new perspective and outlook. A lot of the time, your emotions are dictated by the way you currently think about things. If you think about the bigger picture you can influence the way you feel and think about bills.  Many of us take for granted the fact that we have a roof over our heads and a place for the dreaded bills to be sent to.  There are people in the UK and all over the world living in the streets and in far worse off situations than us so we should be thankful we have a comfortable home and a comfortable life with things like heating and clean running water.

Save Money Around The House

Chances are there are so many ways around the house you could be saving money but many of us are not seeing the opportunity to do so and therefore not taking advantage where we can. We need to be more vigilant and make a list of potential ways we can save money.  Why not consider shopping at a cheaper supermarket?  There are plenty to choose from and if you shop wisely you can save loads. Can you change electricity suppliers? Can you turn down your thermostat?  Insulation can help.  Do you qualify for free home Insulation?   How about getting in blinds or curtains for windows that have none. The infographic below can give you some excellent, stress-free suggestions too.

credit to Sunny (where I found this great infographic)

I am sure you found plenty of ways within the infographic that would help to save you money and reduce those stress levels.

I always buy whole fruit and vegetables and I love to make a shopping list as it means I don’t forget to buy things but also can focus on what I actually need and am less likely to stray.

Which tips will you be taking advantage of to help save you money?

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52 thoughts on “Don’t Let Bills Get You Down”

  1. It really can be so easy to let the thought of money get on top of you – it is something that can really affect your whole life. So knowing techniques to help you through such times is wonderful.

  2. Love some of these tips they are great ideas. MY hubby has recently started biking to work and it has saved a fortune on fuel. We also cook and freeze food to ensure minimal waste. fab article – I was interested in the internet hack! Pinning this for later thanks for sharing.

  3. I can’t say I love bills but I agree that it is important to make peace with it. After all you can’t change bills x

  4. I’m super organized with my bills and transfer everything out to another account when I get paid so I know that what’s left is mine x

  5. That is a very informative and useful infographic – I actually do the same as Rhian and always transfer money for bills into another account to have a perfect overlook of what I have; such a good way of not overspending which I tend to do aha!

  6. Some of friends know my wife as the bargain Queen. She is always looking out for a bargain, always looking for ways to spend as little as possible. Great post,

    Thanks for Sharing

    John M

  7. There are so many good points here, I’m thrilled to reading this post at this time. You’re right about how we can change the way we see bills and money for that matter. I have been thinking positively about money. I’ve had to change some old habits of thought but yesterday I saw proof that it’s working. I started my day being thankful and grateful for all that I have and all that I have in the future. Over $5000 was deposited into my account when I checked later that morning!

  8. I have an account that’s just for my bills, and every time I get a payment through from a client I transfer what I need over to it so my bills are covered, and then I know I can do whatever I want with the rest 🙂

    Louise x

  9. I think so many of us see bills and think the idea of reducing them is insurmountable, but just the few small changes can really make a difference.

  10. These are some really fantastic money saving hacks and I really need to put some of them into place especially with Christmas not that far away

    Kind regards
    Laura x

  11. I’m big on money saving so already do things like write (and stick to) shopping lists and choose unprepared and store own goods. There’s still quite a few I could try out though like looking at switching tariffs and checking my tv settings.

  12. My other half and I are making more of a conscious effort to save money and our biggest savings is coming from the supermarket. We’ve switched over to own brand food since there’s basically no difference the majority of the time and always buy fresh products over prechopped. I wish we weren’t renting so we could change our energy suppliers as we are definitely not getting the best deal! I’m going to save this post and work out if there are other places we can save money.

  13. I think that budgting and keeping an eye on ones spenditure will help to keep money issued at bay. Also putting aside money for upcoming bills is a good idea.

  14. Wow! This infograph is actually jampacked with great hacks – especially love the clearing your cache when do holiday planning for flights etc. Will have to screengrab this…every little saving helps right?

    Thanks for sharing!


  15. Wow, hadn’t even thought of changing the brightness setting on the TV! What a unique tip. Definitely need to save as much money as we can at the moment…

  16. The cache clearing is a must! I couldn’t believe the difference in flight prices between one computer and another when my boyfriend and I were booking our last holiday, very annoying, but at least there’s a way around it! 🙂

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