Comment on Ask for Angela #NoMore Campaign by Jennifer Haden.

This is such a great idea and I think should be used by any woman to help keep safe!

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Michael Kors Spring Birthday Party Outfit Wishlist 2017
You have amazing tastes, Michael Kors is such a good choice! And happy early birthday to you, hope you get to treat yourself to something nice from your list 🙂

Necklace Lanyards for Ladies
I think this is such a lovely idea and lanyard, looks so nice 🙂

Fairytale Shoes Fit For a Modern Day Princess
I love your posts about boots, but this is wonderful to see these sorts too, just dreaming about them now 🙂

New Laws Relating to Using Your Phone When Driving
I was also really happy when I read about this law, people really do need to stop driving and using their phones, so dangerous.

Pure Potions, Natural Products for Dry Skin and Skin Conditions
wow, these sound really amazing! I’m always on the look out for natural products and I love when you have these reviews, so super helpful!

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