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Ladies and gents have you ever been on the date from hell?

I’m not talking about one of those dates where you discover you have been tricked about the appearance of the other person and well you really don’t think it will work and make an excuse and sneak out when they think you’ve popped to the bathroom.

I’m talking about the sort of date where you are actually put in the position where you are worried about your own safety.  The new campaign Ask for Angela which was successfully trialled in South London is being introduced across the capital.  ‘Ask for Angela’ will be available at participating venues and gives customers a phrase they can use if they feel unsafe due to that person’s actions, words or behaviour.  The intention of this is to help reduce sexual violence and vulnerability for those on the dating scene.  This was originally launched by Lincolnshire County Council and was so successful that more venues in the borough have signed up and the initiative is continuously spreading further.

Asking for Angela at a venue that is participating enables you to alert staff that there is a problem.  Police are training staff at venues that sign up to be a part of this.  Staff will then be able to help out discretely either by calling a taxi, contacting friends or family or asking the person causing the distress to leave.  Where necessary the police will be contacted to deal with any problems.

This is part of the #NoMore campaign that aims to encourage a culture change and reduce instances of sexual violence and abuse.

Posters will be in ladies and men’s bathrooms of all venues participating.

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Have you ever been in a situation where you have feared for your safety on a date?

24 thoughts on “Ask for Angela #NoMore Campaign”

  1. This is such a great idea. I have been on numerous dates in the past before I met my partner and this would have been very helpful. I would definitely spread the word to my single friends about this

  2. Isn’t the world a scary place? I haven’t got any daughters but if I did I’d always advise them to try to double date when starting out in a relationship. Never go without telling someone where you are and always prepare an exit strategy…sad thing to say but better safe than sorry.

  3. I have myself on a date when I was young.Dragged into a car by a married man who then locked it so I couldn’t get out. It was horrifying. I screamed like mad and people came running. He’d no choice but to let me out. Police were called then but I don’t think they did much . So I’m glad to hear about these ideas and protecting young girls it’s essential . You just don’t know who’s out there.

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