Many of us will automatically assume that supermarket own brands will always been cheaper than branded products but is this always the case?

Well it used to be.

Years ago I remember seeing the supermarket own brand products being cheaper than all the others and I am not talking about their basics range.  It seems as if supermarkets are becoming a little bit more devious in the way they price products.

As the weather has been gradually improving and I felt the need to purchase various types of frozen lollies / ice creams for my family to help them cool off although come to think of it I probably should be making my own.  Anyway when I was looking through the frozen dessert aisle I noticed something that was of particular interest and I felt I must share.

Now this is the sort of pricing you might expect to see at a supermarket:

On the left is the shops own brand costing 22.7p per 100ml and on the right an almost identical product from Wall’s costing 55.6p per 100ml.  This is what one might expect with the supermarket brand being cheaper but as I mentioned this isn’t always the case.

Check this out:

The supermarket product is more expensive than the normal price of the branded product (It’s not even on offer) going to show that supermarket branded products are not always better value.  I have noticed this on numerous occasions over the years so I am a bit more vigilant when making my purchases.  The branded product in this case turned out to be 10.6p cheaper per 100ml.  When doing your own price comparisons make sure you check the product size as supermarkets try to present this also in price per kg to throw us off.

Another way supermarkets seem to mislead buyers is with the pricing of their larger products. You might find that a small bag of rice will work out cheaper per g or per kg than a larger bag of rice although one would expect the opposite.  The moral to the story is be vigilant, don’t assume and check prices and you could save ££££££’s.

Did you expect the supermarket branded product to be cheaper?

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24 thoughts on “Are Supermarket Own Brands Always Cheaper?”

  1. I find that often when the branded version is cheaper its’ because prices have changed for a deal and although it’s not labelled as such there is a hangover. Definitely worth paying more attention though, that’s an excellent example of why!!

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  2. My mother always used to think I was barmy as, when I was food shopping with her, I’d suddenly yell “hang on” as she reached for something and madly started comparing prices – even going to the extent at times of getting my calculator out to work out if the “bargain” actually was one. She’s now realised that supermarkets can be a bit sly with their pricing and even asks me if something is really as cheap as it appears! I’ve always price compared in the supermarket – and often ended up buying ‘singles’ rather than the multi-pack because it worked out cheaper…

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  3. I always spend time having a proper look when it comes to own brand vs branded. With some products I’ll pay more for a branded product because I prefer the taste but with others I don’t mind as much x

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    1. Some branded products do taste better but it’s for use to try them both and see which we prefer. It’s not just about buying the cheapest it’s also about what we prefer flavour wise.

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  4. I thought I was the only one that realized! These super markets really are sneaky promoting their products as ‘cheaper’ when in reality they are usually not!

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  5. I’ve noticed it a while back but there is also something else I’ve discovered… products on the offer aren’t always the cheapest option; one would think they are but they aren’t. There was a big 1kg pot of butter on special offer but actually, it was cheaper to get 4 x 250g butters in a regular price… weird hey? One needs to be very careful these days in supermarkets as their tricks can be very tricky.

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  6. Interesting to know. I will have to take notice for when I do my grocery shopping. I usually buy only a few supermarket brand like pasta and toilet cleaner.

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