Comment on Wedding Venue Ideas by Mel.

I think sometimes the venue choice is probably the most important part of the wedding (apart from turning up of course). It has to be absolutely perfect

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Keeping Your Engineered Wood Floor Clean Over Christmas
Some great tips here Melanie. I do light a wood floor, I think they are easier to keep clean than carpet

Essentialle Face Oils
I do use face oils but have been looking for a new one – might have to try these!

Escaping the Christmas Madness
I’d love to visit some Coastal Cottages over the mad Christmas period!

Cleaning You Bathroom: Bacteria Hot Spots!
I prefer not to use a toilet brush. bleach does the job in the toilet and then you don’t have the bacteria breeding ground of a toilet brush. I use antibacterial cleaner around the toilet and on the handle too.

Holidays Are Coming – Budgeting For Christmas
I love Black Friday and I always try and save food stamps throughout the year.

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