Comment on Wedding Venue Ideas by Mel.

I think sometimes the venue choice is probably the most important part of the wedding (apart from turning up of course). It has to be absolutely perfect

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Cleaning You Bathroom: Bacteria Hot Spots!
I prefer not to use a toilet brush. bleach does the job in the toilet and then you don’t have the bacteria breeding ground of a toilet brush. I use antibacterial cleaner around the toilet and on the handle too.

Hankies Restaurant
Yum that food looks incredibly delicious! I’ll have to visit one day

Gift Ideas For Newly Mobile Teens!
Ah these are some great ideas Mel! Can be so hard to find the right gift for older teens sometimes

Creamy, Cheese Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Salmon
Oooh these look absolutely delicious! A yummy lunch treat for sure!

Hawksmoor Restaurant Seven Dials
Your pictures are making my mouth water! Sounds like a fab restaurant

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