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Valentine’s Giveaway with Candlerings

I am really excited to tell all my fabulous readers that the lovely guys at Candlerings have said that I can host a giveaway on their behalf for one of their lovely candles.  For those that are unaware  what these are they are candles that contain rings of varying value from £10-£1000 (£10, £20, £50, £100, £200, £500 & £1000).  The candles are made from 100% soy and there are a number of scents available.

The nice thing about this company is that they are not just concerned about profits but also help to raise funds for charities each month by having special Charity Candles from which all profits from sales of the candle are donated to their chosen charity.

Looking for that something special and a little different this Valentine’s Day why not purchase one of their Valentine’s candles “Burning Love”.  Not only does your Valentine get a lovely scented candle but also a gorgeous ring and who knows it could be worth up to £1000.  I can here you all gasping with excitement so want to also add that Candlerings have generously set up a special code for my readers so they can get a great discount off the Valentine’s Day Candle just use the code below.

candlerings discount

Alternatively you can try your luck and see if you can win one!!!!!!!


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  1. lovely, i have been meaning to buy one of these for ages x

  2. Love reading your reviews and your latest on st-pauls-bar-restaurant is excellent – the photos are perfect although they have made me hungry!

  3. these candles are fab, good luck everyone

  4. I commented on the review of the Tootoomoo wow food sounds and looks fab Hungry now

  5. Fab, would love one of these 🙂

  6. Keep seeing these candles and would love to win one

  7. Great giveaway..fantastic candles.. fingers crossed xx

  8. Commented on My Little Pony Call of the Cutie 🙂

  9. Commented on Balloon in a box 😀

  10. beautiful candles, would love to win one to bring back some spice to my love life xx

  11. Om nom nom commented on Tootoomoo – Crouch End

  12. Would love to win this

  13. Really want one 😉

  14. I commented on the Exante Diet – really well written and informative piece, afraid to say the pictures reinforced my belief that there is no replacement for healthy eating and exercise, but thanks for the article x

  15. yes please

  16. Have commented on Energy saving Christmas Lights

  17. Would love to be the proud owner of this candle

  18. these are fab… love candles xx

  19. Have wanted one of these for a while love them xx

  20. Commented on The Exante Diet post x

  21. would love 1 of these. always loving a nice scent going in the evening

  22. brilliant post, thanks so much for sharing 😉

  23. these look great.

  24. Looks lovely thanks for the chance x

  25. Wow i must have been living under a rock first time ive seen these, what a brill idea, going to research them now, and gawd if i were to propose this year it would have to be with one of these.

  26. I just love the idea of these. The suprise element is so unique. I also commented on this post.

  27. I really love these – want one for myself.

  28. Lovely x


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