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I love the unicorn necklace and earrings, and I’m sure my daughter would love them too

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What To Consider When Making Home Cooked Meals For Pets
My husband occasionally cooks treats for our cats, and they really enjoy home cooked food, but on an every day basis it’s a lot easier to give them store-bought pet food.

Tips on Choosing Jewellery As A Gift
I like the Atlantis Blue engagement ring. I’ve been married 37 years, but never had an engagement ring as we couldn’t afford one.

Voluspa Prosecco Rose Candle
this is a very attractive candle, and sounds as if it smells amazing

One in Five Children DON’T KNOW That Milk Comes From Cows
We’re vegetarian and my granddaughter has inherited my lactose intolerance, so her milk comes from nuts or soya. I’m pretty shocked at such levels of ignorance though, it’s not just the fault of schools, surely parents have some responsibility to teach their children things.

Blinds for My Loft, Which Should I Choose?
If you plan on using the loft as an extra bedroom, then you definitely need blackout blinds. I’d go for a plain neutral colour so that you can change your decor without having to change your blinds, as they are not cheap.

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