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Although we are all partial to a little jewellery our tastes are constantly changing as we are exposed to different design ideas.  I have noticed that with the current trend I have been taking more notice of pretty sparkly pieces that feature rose gold.  Yes, rose gold is now in fashion, it has been for a while and it’s going to stay in fashion for the foreseeable future.  The variety of pieces that you can find in this gorgeous colour are growing in number.  Having seen a few pieces in rose gold online I decided that I would take a look at the jewellery available.  The Jewel Hut is a fabulous website with a vast array of gorgeous, glittering rose gold pieces.  I did a search for rose gold on their site and got 1729 hits!!!!  From earrings to watches, necklaces and bracelets you are more than certain to find what you need here no matter how particular you may be about your choice of jewellery.


1, Swarovski Rose Gold Plated Tennis Clear Crystal Bracelet. (5039938)

2, Swarovski Ladies Daytime Light Peach Watch. (5182231)

3,  Thomas Sabo Sparkling Circles Rose Necklace (KE1491-416-14)

4, Pandora Rose Dazzling Daisy Cubic Zirconia Band Ring (180934CZ) 

I wanted to purchase a rose gold Pandora charm or spacer.  We have of course all heard of Pandora, a name synonymous with quality and beautiful jewellery.  Having come across The Jewel Hut over on twitter I decided to see what they had to offer.  To be honest I was impressed at the range of products available on the site.  They have numerous rose gold charms to chose from and I must say I did love the choices available.  I was after a charm to wear on a chain around my neck although I may at a later date also buy a bracelet and a few more charms.  Whatever I decide to do it is in a way an investment as Pandora jewellery is always in demand.

I struggled to decide which piece to chose and here is why:


Aren’t they all so pretty!!!!!!

These were my favourites and it took a while to slowly whittle down the numbers but eventually I decided which one I wanted.

I even found two outfits online that it would look great with too, how exciting!!!  This had turned out to be a very successful shopping day.  The charm on a long silver chain would look great with these dark blue bootcut jeans and this lovely black shell top from Next.  The lovely rose colour would really draw attention and help finish the outfit.  This is great for daytime and casual evening wear.


Of course there would be something seriously wrong with me if I didn’t also match this with a dress or two.  These dresses again from Next are not only gorgeous but would show off the bracelet well and combined create a look worthy of attention.


So which Pandora charm did I choose?



The Pandora Rose Galaxy cubic Zirconia Charm (781388CZ)

Isn’t it fabulous and as you can see it really does sparkle.  This is the perfect piece for wearing as a necklace on a silver chain  or piece of black / dark blue ribbon around the neck or for combining with other pieces on a bracelet as it really does catch the eye.  You can find all the featured jewellery over on The Jewel Hut Website as well as many other equally attractive pieces.

You can also find The Jewel Hut on Twitter and Facebook.

I found the service to be very fast and efficient and over 38000 reviews can’t be wrong with the company being awarded a 5* Feefo rating!!!!!

Have you purchased from The Jewel Hut before?  Why not consider them next time you need to purchase a lovely piece of jewellery whether it’s for yourself or a gift, you won’t be disappointed.

74 thoughts on “The Pandora Rose Galaxy cubic Zirconia Charm from The Jewel Hut”

  1. I have never ordered from The Jewel Hut before, but I have often had a look on their site and written a mental wish list in my head. I do love my jewellery and all these items are gorgeous x

  2. I love Pandora <3 I've never bought any charms from there though (only rings) but maybe I should. They're so pretty!!

    Louise x

  3. Such pretty pieces! I confess I don’t own much in the way of jewellery. A simple wedding band is all I wear, but I could be tempted by these pieces!

  4. I love Pandora and I have never seen this colour before. Don’t think my husband would let me start my bracelet again though. 🙂 x

  5. My husband is not going to be happy with you – I just fell in love with one of their rings… Never heard of The Jewel Hut before but they’ve got some nice stuff!

  6. I love pandora. they really are stunning. I have a bracelet and haven’t thought yet to put the charms on a necklace. Wil certainly be trying this now.

  7. Nice choice of charm! I love the band ring too. My Pandora wishlist is stupidly long ♥

  8. I absolutely love rose gold, it’s so pretty! I’ve never purchased anything from the Jewel Hut before but will definitely check them out.

  9. oh my, I’m not surprised you would struggle to pick between them as I would too. They’re all absolutely gorgeous xxx

  10. That charm is absolutely gorgeous! I think you made the right choice. I really like the daisy ring too, it is something I would definitely wear x

  11. What a gorgeous charm! I love rose gold but haven’t got that much yet. A charm on a necklace would look so cute though and be a cheaper way of starting a collection!

    1. Isn’t the charm adorable I’m so pleased I found it, The Jewel Hut is really good for a range of jewellery 😉

  12. I’m starting to really like rose gold I don’t own anythibg Pandora yet but really want to get a bracelet and a few special charms.

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