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Naturally when asked to review a Candle that contained an item of jewellery I jumped at the chance, I mean what female in her right mind would possibly want to miss out on being sent 2 products in one for free especially when they are a scented candle, well we all love those and also some lovely jewellery, need I say more!  The parcel arrived and I took a peek inside whilst the children were out, then popped it back in the box without the wrapping.  I remember the first time I removed the candle lid and the aroma just filled the room.  It was absolutely amazing.  I had chosen the Pina Colada Ring Candle and just from that initial contact I would say, you have to try 1, OMG what an amazing fragrance!!!!!!!!!!!!  Now although this sounded like a fun project I knew my product testers in training would love to get involved so I waited.

Someone was very excited when she opened the box containing the candle.


I told you it smells amazing!!!!!


This candle is definitely value for money.  It took what felt like forever to burn low enough to get to the ring.  Ok, so we were overly excited and curious about seeing the ring. The first time we attempted to get the ring out it was a little too soon but the children were so excited when they got up in the morning that they insisted that we give it a try.

Can we get it out………


It takes normally about 10-15 hours for the candle to burn down enough to be able to get the ring out.  We could take the suspense no longer and decided to have a dig at it with a spoon.  Finally success, we were low enough to get to the ring……..


The size of the ring candles is quite large and well worth the money considering the minimum value of the item you will find in one of these is £10.  The aroma is just amazing, I could smell the sweet pina colada aroma when I would walk into the room where the candle had been placed even when it wasn’t lit.  The scented candles are handmade and prices range from £16.95.  Each candle contains a 925 Sterling Silver piece of Jewellery with a label to tell you it’s value.  The rings within the candle come in the most popular ring sizes, you cannot request a particular size although generally they are likely to fit at least 1 finger.  You can chose between a ring candle or one with earrings and the pictures of the candles show what style of ring or earrings the candle may be contained.

This is the one I was sent:

Pina Colada – Ring


Different rings are available:

True Love – Ring


Earring Candles

Strawberry Cupcake


Watermelon – Earring


Delivery costs £3.95 unless you order 3 or more candles then it is free and it normally takes between 2 and 3 working days for the package to arrive.  Sounds like great fun doesn’t it?

Why not pop over to JewelCandle to look at all of the gorgeous aromas available and the pretty items of jewellery that could soon be yours if you buy a JewelCandle.

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  1. Looks Amazing i am waiting for mine at the moment really excited,the ring you got was lovely and your little ones really cute trying to get the packet out and open 🙂

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