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Last week I wrote a post about some gorgeous drool worthy handbags from Mulberry; Mulberry Must Haves for February 2017 that I know many of you enjoyed.  This week I thought I would continue with the luxury theme but this time I wanted to feature some gorgeous high end pre-owned designer watches.  I discovered that you can get some gorgeous second hand designer watches a few years back when I went on a day trip to Brighton with my parents as I was appearing in a cookery competition which was to be aired later in the year.  After I finished filming we had time go wander around Brighton and off course go shopping.  Whilst there we visited a jewellers who also had watches many of which were designer and a fair number were second hand.  Yes!!!! Second hand watches is apparently a thing and since then my parents have purchased a few.  Of course Brighton is a pretty long way to travel to get hold of a second hand watch so onto the internet I went and that was where I discovered a company called Xupes.  Now this site really does have a fabulous range of wrist candy that you will adore.  These types of watches retain their value so they are more than just a watch / gift, they are also an investment.  The second hand IWC watches on the site caught my eye.  There are some lovely watches to choose from and although there are watches for men and women I thought this week I would write a men’s second hand luxury watch wishlist although I have featured a few unisex watches.

Just a little background about the brand IWC.  It was created in East Switzerland in 1868 by American engineer and watchmaker Florentine Aristo.  The brand promoted itself as a high end engineers watch and has always been one of the brands leading the market in watch design.  Second hand watches from Xupes are inspected inhouse by master watchmakers to ensure that they serviced and polished where necessary.  The watches come with a 12 month warranty.  A strict history and authenticity check comes as standard for each watch.

There are numerous IWC watches available and here are some of my favourites.

 Watch 1 

Vintage Watch Cal.89 18K Yellow Gold Unisex 1949

I couldn’t resist squeezing in a few unisex watches this being one of them.  The numbering is clear and simple and the watch has a sophisticated look to it.  This watch shows that gold is still a great colour when used correctly in a piece like this.  This super stylish watch will never go out of fashion and would look great on both men and women.  The black leather strap means this will look great with work and evening wear.

Watch 2

Vintage 18K Yellow Gold Gents 853 1961

This lovely gents watch looks great with the gold dial and baton markers in place of numbers.  It is a stunning piece that helps finish off an outfit for a formal event.  This watch exudes class and sophistication and is truly a stunning piece and any man would love to wear.  The crocodile print strap adds to the great design of this watch making it an extremely desirable piece.

Watch 3

Portofino Stainless Steel Unisex IW356507 2014

I love the face of this pretty unisex watch with the silver numerals and hands.  The black alligator leather strap finishes of the piece perfectly making this a great watch for work and day wear.  The design is a classic meaning you would get many years use as it would always look smart and elegant.

 Watch 4

Vintage Cal. 89 18K Rose Gold Gents 1952

Rose gold really is in fashion right now so this watch is a fabulous piece to wear out and about.  The appearance of this watch makes it look masculine even with the rose gold.  The dark leather strap is the perfect colour contrast and the makes this piece one that can be worn with just about anything.

Watch 5

GST Pertpetual Calendar Stainless Steel Gent’s IW375607 2000’s

This stainless steel classic looking men’s watch looks great and is just the thing for day and evening use.  The style is one that will always be in fashion and is one that others try to copy although not as well.  This great masculine looking watch is one of those that will appeal to many due to the colour and good design.

Watch 6

Portuguese 18K Rose Gold Gents IW390405 2016

I love the combination of the rose gold on the watch with the black alligator leather they do look great together.  This has a great masculine style that again looks great with most types of dress whether it is formal or casual.  The dial is clearly set out and looks stylish and the sort of design that will appeal to a range of ages.

I hope you liked my choices.

Which watch is your favourite?

92 thoughts on “Gorgeous Pre Loved IWC Watches for Men (Mostly)”

  1. It is hard to pick one so my two faves are three and four they are gorgeous and who does not love having pre-loved watches to save pennies? x

  2. I think this is just a great way to be able to purchase a high-end watch which you will be able to enjoy for years to come. Quality watches really are an investment piece. #6 is by far my favourite of the watches you have featured.

  3. Fab way of finding top quality watches at a great price. I like the way they make sure every watch is cleaned and inspected thouroughly before shipping and have that guarantee included.

    1. It does help sway you to them doesn’t it as you don’t want to buy just any old thing and this is a company that seems to take pride in what they do.

  4. these are lovely watches. My husband is so fussy and cannot wear the gold colour straps, but wants a gold strap and so it goes on.

  5. Never realised you could get Pre-owned watches like this! What a great idea x we’re a big fan of Rose gold x

  6. These are great. I love 3 & 5 best. My dad is a watch-a-holic and i’m sure he’d love all of these

    1. They really are an investment and can be handed down to children when they get older. They make a lovely gift from dad to son and mum to daughter.

  7. Pretty sure my boyfriend would want any of these. Love that they’re pre-loved so someone else can get some wear out of them too!

  8. It’s such a good idea to buy a high-quality watch because it’s something that stays on one for a long long time 🙂

  9. This is a great idea. My brother is obsessed with watches, I will have to tell him about this. Number 6 is gorgeous

  10. Ooh they look very smart, I love watch 5, my partner doesn’t wear one but really should he’s always asking me for the time when were on days out, and then I have to rummage through the nappy bag for my phone, then he remembers he has his own phone and looks on at anyway 👊 xxx

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