There are loads of Festive Candles about but some of the most popular this year will be those from Yankee Candles.  Yankee always seem to get scents spot on which is one reason they are so popular.  They also have a wonderful range available.  From their festive collection they have three that are absolutely divine.


All Is Bright

This is one of those fabulously addictive fragrances.  I think most of us have lifted the lid to a candle and thought wow that’s gorgeous, resealed it then gone back to take another sniff or thirty.  This IS one of those candles.  The scent is not excessively sweet and it has the most amazing fresh citrus and musk aroma that you will adore, I really loved this snowy white candle.

Festive Cocktail

Another winner this lovely berry and pine combo has a deliciously fruity fragrance from pure natural extracts.  With a lovely rich red colour this looks lovely and is aptly named with its beautifully festive fragrance.

Macaron Treats

This has a heavenly sweet aroma just like vanilla and almonds (or quite simply put vanilla macarons) and smells good enough to eat.  The scent will leave you drooling, another that you will find simply irresistible.

Yankee Candle have up to 50% off on their site at the moment so you can get some great bargains on their various scented candles.  I have searched a few other sites looking for bargains for these candles and interestingly many of the offers have been been snapped up just proving how popular Yankee Candles are.  If you are keen on getting some of these great candles keep an eye on the House of Fraser site as they have some great offers on them too.

Have you bought any Yankee Candles this year?

Pr samples are included.

51 thoughts on “Yankee Candles Festive Selection

  1. I LOVE Yankee Candles! There’s a shop near me and it was so jam packed when they stocked for Christmas. I really like the Sparkling Cinnamon and Christmas Memories.

  2. I haven’t bought one in ages but I did get some in summer and they were lovely! These sound lovely especially the macron treats

  3. Ooh I’d be interested to see if the macaron flavour smells anything like the jo Malone one as if so, that would be a fantasticly cheaper alternative!

  4. I have never tried the yankee candles even though i am a candle addict lol! I like my candles pretty but i dont know i have never seem to be drawn towards yankee candles! Almost picked it up at tkmaxx but put it back! Gotta buy one now to see what the hype is about! definitely going to buy the all is bright one! i am tempted now haha x

  5. I love Yankee candles and though I have not picked up any new ones this year I was using up what I picked up last year and they are awesome

  6. Oh I’ve not seen these, the macaroon one sounds amazing. I look anything with a vanilla scent, in fact I love anything that tastes like vanilla too lol

  7. I love Yankee candles but unfortunately they are a luxury i cant afford so good job my mum brought me some mini Christmas editions x

  8. I have the all is bright candle. It smells gorgeous! I love it. It really is one of those you cant help but sniff a few times.

  9. Love these so much and have a huge collection but unfortunately we can no longer use them due to my sons asthma. So now they are for show purposes only

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