I love wooden floors.  Given a choice I would go for wood or stone over carpet any day as it looks so much nicer and can add value to a property when laid correctly.

It goes without saying that you can find some amazing wooden floors nowadays.  More people are choosing to have wooden floors in favour of carpets in many of their room and I really don’t blame them.

Reasons for Wooden Floors Reasons Against Wooden Floors
They look beautiful They can be expensive
More Hygienic They feel cool / cold in the winter
Give the home more character  
Don’t absorb smells  
Add value to a property  
Make a room feel more spacious  
Natural and ecologically friendly  


Reasons for Carpets Reasons Against Carpets
They don’t feel cold in the winter Not easy to clean so are less hygienic
The y are soft and comfortable to walk on Cleaning can be costly, you have to buy a machine or get someone in to clean them
Provide extra insulation Not ideal for those with allergies
Reduce sound Absorb smells eeeuuuuuggghhhhh!!!!!
If children fall it doesn’t hurt  

There are no end to the number of companies that sell wooden flooring but I did pass by and visit Ted Todd in London a little while back and was impressed with what I saw.  They have a lovely range of reclaimed and new wood to create some beautiful floors you will want to show off.




Which do you prefer wooden floors or carpets?

50 thoughts on “Wooden Floors v Carpets”

  1. I love wooden flooring, but am changing my lounge back to carpet, as in winter the floor is just too cold. I do think wooden looks nicer and is easier to keep clean especially with pets x

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  2. We had the whole house besides the living room and stairs and landing done. We debated the living room but decided carpet was best but I do like bright floors x

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  3. We’re all about that wooden floor in our house! The whole downstairs in fact! Upstairs is carpet and I love it but with three young children, dogs, cats and a clumsy me… it was for the best haha! H x

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  4. I agree with everything about you say about wooden floors, not only do they look great but its the keeping clean that makes me prefer wooden floors. We’ve got a dog and I dread to think what the lounge would be like if we didn’t have wooden floors. I love the reclaimed wood, its got so much more character

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  5. We have wooden flooring in our hall and lounge and it’s by far my favourite. We have tiles in the kitchen, carpet in the bedrooms and laminet in the bathroom but the wood requires the least maintenance and by far looks the best

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  6. I do love wooden flooring but I find it shows the dirt up more than carpet does. At least, the dirt blows around more instead of sticking to the carpet! I have a wooden floor with a Persian rug in my living room. Best of both worlds. 🙂

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  7. I would love to have a wooden floor downstairs but i’ve inherited cheapo laminate from the last owner and can’t afford to replace it at the mo but at least it srops the draught coming up from the cellar. I have a large rug to cover a lot of it. My bedroom is carpeted because it is a really cold room and my back bedroom is sanded floorboards with rug so I’m a bit of a mixture. The Samples you have posted above look divine.

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  8. In our house we have half and half, downstairs is all wooden and upstairs is all carpeted! I can’t decide which I prefer because I hate having cold floors during winter and I love the soft feeling on your feet!

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  9. I love wooden floors, and my lungs prefer them too. The only major problems I can think of are the increased noise if you’re living in a shared building, and if you drop a glass there’s little chance of it surviving. But those downsides are worth it for me.

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