Do you have a large sofa that’s just taking up too much space? Perhaps you have a cupboard that you’ve got no idea what to do with. Whether you’re moving home in the future or simply want to declutter your home, there are ways to repurpose or get rid of furniture that you no longer need so it doesn’t end up looking like it would be more in place on the set of The Walking Dead.

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If the piece of furniture in question is one that you absolutely love or has sentimental value but it that has gotten pretty old looking then you may be better off refurbishing it and giving it a completely new look.  Depending on the piece you could do it yourself if you have the time and inclination. Alternatively you might need to hire someone to help you change the upholstery or fix it up a little, but it’s usually worth the cost of updating an old piece of furniture for modern standards. Perhaps you could fix a wonky leg, maybe you could replace the patterns and colours, or you could even start a furniture restoration project. If you decide to do it yourself to save a little cash you might like to take a look at this guide from for some tips on how you can completely refinish a piece of furniture to make it look great and also repair some common problems.

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Selling furniture locally is usually quite easy. You simply put your advert up on a website, wait for people to respond and you’ll typically get cash in hand. However, if you want to open up your audience and sell it on an online auction such as, then you’re going to need a couple more things. For starters, you’ll need to take some flattering pictures of the furniture itself. Try and get shots from every angle and make sure you’re not skimping on the lighting as that plays an important role in making most things look more appealing. My friends sell on ebay and are always prepared as they find out the cost of delivery in order to add it to their listing so there can be no confusion.  Of course when you are selling a larger item you need to make sure you contact a company that deals with that sort of sized object.  A friend of mine sold a sofa and I believe some other large items when she moved into her new home through a large items delivery service called and was happy with the service. These sort of companies can give you a quote quickly to add onto your auction page so that people know how much shipping they’ll have to pay to get it delivered to their door.

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Donate It

You could just donate some smaller sets of furniture to a local charity shop or anywhere else that might be able to make use of it.  Make sure you ask friends and family if it’s an item in good condition.

Scrap It

If you really don’t think that anyone will want the piece of furniture, then make sure you scrap it responsibly. Most councils have a removals scheme for large objects although you would have to get in touch with your local one as they all have different policies. Sadly, it can cost a bit of money, but it’s the responsible way to get rid of a large item. While you’re at it why not throw out a couple more large items that are cluttering your home there are always a few cluttering up the place in most homes.

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24 thoughts on “What To Do With Old Furniture”

  1. These are all great ideas for what to do with old furniture. I love eBay so regularly sell things on there, I enjoy finding bargains on there too and renovating old pieces myself.

    1. Ebay is great for all sorts isn’t it. I must be quite fun to renovate old pieces and nice to restore an old piece of furniture.

  2. In NYC people usually just put their unwanted furniture on the street. I once put a rocking chair out in front of my apartment and someone took it within 45 seconds!

  3. I’m in the process of buying a new house, so am actually on the look for some old furniture (well it will be new for me lol). I spent most of today scouring charity shops – it’s amazing the treasure you find in there! x

  4. We will be moving home soon and buying new furniture, so it was great to have some lovely tips on what to do with our old furniture, thank you! 🙂

  5. I tend to try and sell old furniture as I find that a lot of people can’t afford new and it’s nice to know I’ve helped someone be able to afford an item rather than throw it out x

  6. Whenever I had furniture that I did not need any more I tried to donate it when I could as I do not like things going to waste. So I think that is a valid tip on what to do with old furniture x

  7. I’ve donated furniture a few times although found out that its important to keep all the fireproof lables etc. Refurbishing is a lot more work and something I need to try at some point although I am starting to see businesses focusing on refurbishing which makes it much more accessible.

  8. We’ve donated a lot of our old furniture recently as having a baby meant we needed more space! I love the idea of refurbishing pieces though

  9. In our family, I am the handy one. How I wish I am a lot stronger so I can haul a lot of stuff and refurbish them. I love recreating something new from something old. Totally love this idea. Gotta try to convince hubby — maybe this post will.

  10. My Nan had a rocking chair for years that she absolutely loved and when it got too old we refurbished it, it’s such a great thing to do with old furniture and cheaper than buying a new piece.

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