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These are all great ideas for what to do with old furniture. I love eBay so regularly sell things on there, I enjoy finding bargains on there too and renovating old pieces myself.

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Recreating Emma Stone’s and Ryan Goslings Red Carpet Look
I love the outfits you chose. The red dress is stunning and the KG shoes are a perfect match.
I love Lala land so would love to go to this event.

Thai Square Covent Garden
This looks a great place to visit. Thai food is my favourite, I would love the chilli lamb and the cocktails too as they sound amazing.

Choosing the Right Sink for Your Kitchen
We’ve always moved in to houses with new kitchens so picking a sink isn’t ever something I’ve had to do. Picking the sink size, style, taps and extras much give so much choice!

Hankies Restaurant
This sounds a great little place, definitely somewhere I’d like to visit. The cocktails look amazing and all the food looks delicious. The chilli lamb chops would be my choice I think.

Don’t Let Bills Get You Down
I’m big on money saving so already do things like write (and stick to) shopping lists and choose unprepared and store own goods. There’s still quite a few I could try out though like looking at switching tariffs and checking my tv settings.

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