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Voluspa Prosecco Rose Candle

I’m really pleased with myself.  I think I have just discovered the perfect Christmas gift for my friend although I am in two minds as to what to do.  My friend is an avid wine drinker, her favourite tipple of choice being Prosecco.  She is also a keen chocoholic, foodie, candle lover and she loves to read and watch movies.  You’d have no ideas what I have for her if you hadn’t read the title of this post.  The gift I have for her combines two of her favourite things Prosecco and candles.  OMG!!!!!  I know it sounds amazing doesn’t it.  I was very excited to hear that you can get Prosecco scented candles although unsure if the company could pull it off and ensure a great aroma with the scent of Prosecco but surprisingly they have succeeded.  The one I have smells simply fabulous.  In fact this candles smells so good that I am not sure what to do.  Do I

a) give the candle to my friend and buy another for me?

b) give her the original gift I got for her a little while back – a dvd box set which I know she will love but in my opinion is not quite as lovely as the candle?

To help you help me decide here is the candle in question:


The tin the candle comes in looks very pretty.  I love that it is rose coloured to match the scent which is Prosecco rose (with key notes of sparkling pink Prosecco and rose petals).  The inside of the tin is gold coloured and there are gold dots on the outside of the tin indicative of the sparkle that Prosecco is well known for.  The lid is pretty and the information found there is not excessive.  When you lift the lid the aroma is almost hypnotic and addictive and you find yourself inhaling deeply, once, twice, more, to enjoy it further.  The lid is useful as it prevents dust collecting on the candle and the company “Voluspa” have also considered environmental impact suggesting the tin to be used for trinkets once the candle has been burnt.  There are two wicks in the candle and it will burn for approximately 50 hours which is useful to know.  All Voluspa luxury scented candles are made with no phthalates, no parabens, no sulfates and are not tested on animals.  This is a gorgeous luxury candle with the scent to match and I think most will love the sweet floral fragrance, in fact I couldn’t imagine how anyone couldn’t.  The cost of this candle is £20.

There is another Prosecco rose scented candle (£35) in this range which burns for 60 hours.  The custom voluspa-designed glass captures the antique pressed glass style of the 1920’s.  This too comes complete with an embossed lid to keep the creamy coconut wax dust-free when not in use.  As well as candles you can also get a diffuser (£40) designed using 18 fine-gauge rattan reeds to increase fragrance distribution and lasts 4-6 months.  Don’t they all look beautiful!  These make lovely gifts for family and friends all year around.voluspa4

If anyone wanting something a little smaller or for a lower budget then the Voluspa mini candle in a star embossed tin with the same scent maybe just the thing.  It’s burns for 5 hours and costs a mere £10 for one of the most incredible scented candles you could ever buy.  I know I keep going on about how great this smells but it really does and I wish that you could smell this through the screen as you read.  If this scent was available as a body spray or perfume it would be guaranteed to do well.


There are many more candles to choose from on the site and at the moment you can get 10% off so if you want to see for yourself how gorgeous a scent this is make sure you take advantage of this great offer.

What do you think guys, do I buy another or keep quiet and save this for myself?

I have been chatting to the guys at Voluspa who have kindly said I can give away one of their £20 Prosecco Rose candles.

Entry is super easy just enter via the rafflecopter form.

Instructions if needed can be found here:


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Look out for the daily entry options for extra entries.

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Enter here:

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  1. I love Prosecco, Candles and Rose Gold so I really need this candle in my life! x

    1. It’s the best of both! 😉

  2. Ohh how gorgeous is that – I would love to have one in my lounge, the colour is just beautiful.

  3. Wow, these candles look so nice and chic – perfect for a gift or just to enjoy on a cozy winter night 🙂

    1. They make a lovely gift.

  4. That’s an amazing present for your friend and looks like it’s also a good choice for my sister-in-law who also loves wine, especially proseco 😉 Fab find!

    1. It sure is a Fab Find I love this candle 😉

  5. Oh this I’d like for myself haha, I could only imagine the combination scent for this right now x

    1. It is truly amazing. I did really love this candle.

  6. This is so pretty! I love candles and burn one every single day. I’d be keeping this for myself.

  7. These look very retro glam indeed! I love trying new candles so I might just have to treat myself

    1. Enjoy Melissa. Make sure you look at the others in the range too.

  8. This is simply stunning and if you’re a fan of both prosecco, candles AND rose gold this is right up everyones street. Also very instagrammable x

    1. It is perfect for instagram.

  9. I think a nice prosecco rose candle could make a lovely gift. These are pretty impressive! The diffuser could be really nice too.

    1. The product range is really good.

  10. Oh wow this range looks absolutely gorgeous, I LOVE the packaging! They would look great in my home xxx

  11. This is the ultimate candle lovers’ wish list. Your friend will adore you. I like everything about this candle and the company Voluspa. I like the tin a lot. I would reuse it and put my accessories in it.

    1. I honestly didn’t realise the candle would smell this good.

  12. That is such a stunning rose casing which it comes in. I’d buy another for her and keep this one for yourself. Christmas should be a time for treating yourself too x

    1. That’s true and I rarely treat myself.

  13. Oh my goodness this looks and sounds fab! One of my favourite drinks is Prosecco too… and I absolutely LOVE candles! This would be the perfect Christmas present for me 🙂

    1. Add it to you Christmas list x

  14. These are perfect gifts for me! I love prosecco and the rose gold packaging is so pretty.

    1. It does make a great gift.

  15. Have you tried Prosecco lip balm? No joke, it will blow your mind.

    1. OMG no, but I want to now!!!

  16. These sound absolutely amazing! I really love the packaging too, very classy and pretty. I would have to give it to my friend, and then buy several for myself!!! xx

    1. Now that is a good idea!

  17. This sounds right up my street as I love candles and rose wine!

  18. This looks like a fab candle! I say keep quiet and save it for yourself!

    1. Lol it’s tempting 😉

  19. I do love a good candle, nothing beats a candle, hot bath and book!

    1. That’s true although I’d skip the book as I don’t have time to read.

  20. I say buy another one! They look so gorgeous and like they need sharing!

    1. I should shouldn’t I. It smells sooooooo good!

  21. Sounds like a fab candle I know a few people who would love this. I’d definitely go and buy yourself one too.

    1. Great idea. You can never have enough of good candles.

  22. This sounds like the perfect candle for the party season.

  23. Oh I love the styling of these!! These would make great gifts this year!

    1. They are perfect for gifts, pretty and useful x

  24. This candle sounds amazing and looks so pretty! Really want to smell this candle.

    1. The aroma was gorgeous.

  25. I would give her this plus what you got originally and then go order a set for yourself

  26. I love candles, there is always one burning in our house.
    This looks amazing, will have to give it a try 🙂

    1. You will love this candle Jayne x

  27. This looks absolutely amazing, I love the colour of it, would go in my office so well. I can imagine it smells amazing!

    1. It sure does and that’s from the second you lift the lid.

  28. The Prosecco rose scented candle sounds amazing, we would consider buying that! Its beautifully displayed too!

    1. It is very well presented. A lovely gift.

  29. I’m not normally a candle lover but you had me at Prosecco, I am a big Prosecco fan so anything on the same wave length gets the thumbs up from me

    1. You will looooove this!!!!!!

  30. OMG this sounds divine, The candle is really pretty and I think you should give her the candle for sure.

    1. Thanks Nayna, I should really shouldn’t I 😉

  31. I feel like I have this candle! It’s definitely rose and something! If it’s the one I’m thinking of, it smells gorgeous. The pink tin is stunning!

    1. It does look great doesn’t it 😉

  32. Ooh, that’s beautiful! The smell sounds amazing, and I love that the company has thought about making the tin pretty enough to hang onto and reuse.

    1. It’s great isn’t it, I did love that 😉

  33. Love these candles and would love to have one but husband has breathing problems (he has COPD) so can’t have different smells in the house. Sometimes I can’t even wear perfume because it makes it hard for his breathing. I’ve told him to stop (breathing) but he just won’t…lol

    1. That’s a shame Irene although this would be a great gift for a loved one 😉

  34. I would give this to mum for Christmas x

  35. looks lovely, seems everyone is obsessed with prosecco at the moment

    1. It is a gorgeous candle.

  36. This would be a lovely gift for my daughter-in -law – she loves candles

  37. I would keep for myself

  38. Muuuuuum please please pleaseeeeeee

  39. Give it to your friend. If she’s a really good friend the kindness will be returned tenfold. x

    1. She loved the candle and I got one for me too.

  40. love rose gold. perfect combinations to candles! Very festive

    1. It was a fab candle.

  41. This candle sounds splendid, I bet your friend will be thrilled, and you can always save the DVD box for another occasion.

    1. She got both in the end 😉

  42. How cool! This is something my mum would love as well

    1. She sure will it’s lovely.

  43. All year round the aroma is great
    And Christmas time we always cellebrate

  44. I would love one of these

  45. beautiful prize, fingers crossed

  46. Wow fantastic giveaway 🎄🎄🎄

  47. I see no problem with rewarding yourself with a gift from time to time – so long as no one ese misses out.

    1. Me too, I made sure everyone was covered 😉

  48. this is a very attractive candle, and sounds as if it smells amazing

    1. It did have a gorgeous aroma.

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