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Sugar Rush without the Sugar

Who doesn’t like candles!  Men and women alike seem to have their favourite scents from sweet aromas, fresh and fruity, floral and so many more.  With the choice of candles on the market almost endless we are spoilt for choice.  My husband and I both have our favourites and even the children like to get involved with the selection process.  Just like mummy the girls love sweet smelling candles so when PartyLite contacted me and asked if I would like to review their Just Desserts 15 piece tealight sampler with a warm hearts tealight holder to burn them in plus the New Forbidden Fantasy Black Luxury Scented Medium Jar Candle Trio naturally I agreed.  You’d have to be mad not to want to be sent these candles that sounding good enough to eat with their wonderfully tempting aromas.

The first thing that I noticed on opening just the outer packaging before I had even had a chance to open the individual items was the aroma.  Wow, the scent was amazingly mouth-wateringly sweet and delicious.  If only they were edible.  The items were well packaged and none of the items displayed any signs of damage.  The packaging had been well thought out for each individual item.

Warm Hearts Tealight Holder

I appreciate the size of this is stated on the page but I think the Enchanted Woodland Votive Hurricane behind it threw me a bit so I expected the warm hearts tealight holder to be smaller than it was.  I was pleasantly surprised by the size of this and it is even prettier in real life.


Just Desserts 15 piece Tealight Sampler


Looking like a candy bag I loved the design of this box and I love the fact that this much effort has gone into creating the products.

With a range of aromas including Marshmallow Peppermint, Lemon Lime Macaroon, Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Sugarplum Fairies and Nutcraker Sweet one can’t help getting excited.  My youngest daughter loved the purple one.


New Forbidden Fantasy Black Luxury Scented Medium Jar Candle Trio (Desire, Tempt, Seduce)

My goodness these smelt amazing.  Not sickly sweet at all as one might expect.  The aromas were totally different but each was fantastic.


The box the candles come in is sturdy as the medium candles within are quite heavy.  The outer design is sleek and sophisticated giving the indication of a good quality item.  It’s times like this I really do wish you could scratch and sniff the photo’s on my blog as only then could you really appreciate the scent of these decedent and rich yet also fresh aromas (depending on the candle).


These candles came in a plain glass holder and some might say that they would have wanted some sort of design on the glass but trust me when I say once you smell these such a thing sounds insignificant.  There is also a sweet, fruity and aromatic version ‘White Luxury’ which sounds amazing.


I naturally browsed the site after having been sent these great products and I love the range that is available.  It is more than enough to suit every candle lover and also convert those on the backbench.  Perfect as a gift or for to keep all to yourself!

 The generous guys over at PartyLite have said that I can host a giveaway for one of my readers to win a Just Desserts 15 piece Tealight Sampler and a Warm Hearts Tealight Holder as shown above.

DSC03394Who in their right mind could pass this up.

To enter just fill in the Rafflecopter form:

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

This is NOT a sponsored post.

Unfortunately scratch and sniff version not available yet.

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  1. Those candles look fab, thanks for another great giveaway x

    1. Good luck Ali 😉

  2. A lovely giveaway would love to win.

    1. Good luck Julie 😉

    1. I’m so pleased to be able to host this for you all.

  3. Much too pretty to burn! Bet they smell wonderful

    1. They sure do. I know what you mean, I love the clear cups they are in, you can fully appreciate the colours.

  4. Lovely prize

    1. It really is, these smell wonderful.

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