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I love how elegant autumn is! Gorgeous bedding, cushions and throws to give our home an autumnal feel!

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Scrambled Eggs with Truffle Infused Salami, Cheese and Coriander
I really like scrambled eggs so I will be trying your tasty recipe. Lots of delicious flavours, yummy!

Movie Night: Stephen King’s IT
It’s a lovely idea to watch a Halloween movie to celebrate the occasion. Have fun!

What To Do With Old Furniture
We will be moving home soon and buying new furniture, so it was great to have some lovely tips on what to do with our old furniture, thank you! 🙂

Don’t Let Bills Get You Down
Fantastic money saving tips. We are always trying to make our money go further, so we can enjoy what we like the most!

Keeping Your Dog Healthy and Happy
We would love a dog and we are hoping to get one once we move to a bigger place.

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