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I have so many candles out now and I can’t wait to start burning them more x

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Top Tips For Visiting Winter Wonderland with Children
With Winter Wonderland I think it’s worth pre-booking something inside so you can join the separate queue, the normal queue can be so long sometimes x

Paw Patrol Trainers from MotherCare
Aww these trainers are absolutely adorable, I bet he’s going to get a lot of wear out of them x

Quaglino’s Restaurant St James
It’s good that you had exceptional service, the food looks amazing. I will need to do a brunch there soon, yum.

Miraculous Unboxing
Wow they look like great toys, the phone looks really good fun and so do the action figures. x

Movie Night: Stephen King’s IT
I’m not a huge horror movie fan so I’ve not yet seen IT. I might give it a try when it’s out on dvd as it might be less scary than it would have been at the cinema x

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