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I was just looking at throws and bedding last week! I love all the ideas in this post. Making your home cozy for the colder months that are coming is something I plan to do. I will be indoors more, watching Netflix on a snowy day.

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Foodies Festival Alexandra Palace 2017
Wow, there was a lot going on at this food festival. But nothing would have distracted me from I would have prepped my appetite and ate light the night before and that morning.

Thai Square Covent Garden
Oh my that is a lot of food and it all looks delicious! I love a good Thai restaurant especially one that has good food with reasonable prices. You can find some little gems here and there in the West End. Most times I find them by accident, or on blogs that give great reviews worth investigating 🙂

Don’t Let Bills Get You Down
There are so many good points here, I’m thrilled to reading this post at this time. You’re right about how we can change the way we see bills and money for that matter. I have been thinking positively about money. I’ve had to change some old habits of thought but yesterday I saw proof that it’s working. I started my day being thankful and grateful for all that I have and all that I have in the future. Over $5000 was deposited into my account when I checked later that morning!

Gift Ideas For Newly Mobile Teens!
I never learnt to drive and I don’t know if I ever will. But that safety kit is something everyone regardless of age should have in their car. I wonder if my new boyfriend has a safety kit? I have a feeling he might because he’s quite concerned about safety and doing things right. If not I’m glad I saw this post. We’re driving to the country next weekend, so I’ll put this on my checklist 🙂

Safe Breaker Game from Yulu
So this game teaches you to break into safes…lmao. I think I want to become a creator of children’s games because the possibilities are endless. So much fun to be had!!

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