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Making Moving Easier

There are few things in life more exciting than moving to a new home. After all, a fresh start can often be a sign of good things to come and moving forward in your life can be an incredibly important thing to do.  But that doesn’t mean that it’s not also one of the most stressful things in the world. In fact, moving house is often listed right up there with losing your job or having a baby as one of the biggest causes of stress for a lot of people. But does it have to be that way? Well, not really.  Although you are never going to get rid of all of the stress of moving home there are some things that you can do to make the whole process just a little bit easier.

Start Early

One of the most common mistakes that people make when they move home is that they simply leave everything too late. People assume that they have plenty of time and then end up failing to realise just how quickly the time has caught up with them. This then means that they end up rushing around in a total panic trying to get everything done at once, losing things, packing in a disorganised way (resulting in breakages), and generally making life much harder for themselves than it needs to be. By being prepared and starting early, you can take your time, think things through, and make the whole process much easier.

Plan of Action 

One of the very best ways that you can make sure that you’re always on top of everything about your move and that nothing ends up lost or left behind is to make a clear plan. Think about each room separately.  Consider how long it will take you to pack everything up and think about which items you can pack early on and which will need to be dealt with a little later.  Once you have done this pack what you can as soon as you can.  You should always have room to be flexible but having at least a basic plan can make you feel much more in control of the entire process ad help reduce stress levels.

Make Use of Storage Units

One of the most stressful and frustrating things about moving house is being surrounded by boxes. Not only is it simply inconvenient to have boxes cluttering up your living space (which you have packed early), but it can also end up making you feel very unsettled to have your stuff piled up in boxes all around you. In some cases it might actually work better for you to hire a self storage unit. That way you have a place to keep your belongings both before and after the move takes place and it makes life so much more relaxed. When you’re in your new home, you can just take boxes out bit by bit and feel much more at home than you would if you were constantly trying to move around boxes all day long.  You might find that by doing this some of the items are unnecessary or don’t fit with the style of your new new home.  In that case sell them off on one of the various selling platforms the extra cash will come in handy.

There are always going to be things about moving home that are going to make you feel stressed and anxious no matter what you do.  Moving is always going to be pretty far from a relaxing experience but by taking this advice you can reduce some of the stress involved and maybe even find time to sit and put your feet up.

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  1. Most important thing is to declutter….if you can unload many items that aren’t going to be used BEFORE you move,it will make the move so much easier. I know that it did for Lori and I when we moved into our home.

  2. These are really handy tips – moving can be so stressful so any tips to make it easier are great to me!

  3. Great advice! The last tme we moved was SO stressful, I was 8 months pregnant and had an 11 month old, a 1 year old and a 9 year old, and it was horrific!! I swore we would never move again!

  4. You know, I absolutely love moving! It’s a great opportunity to declutter and start things afresh. I’ve been toying with the idea of moving again for awhile…

  5. I could have done with these tips when I moved into my new home! I was no way near as organised as I should have been!

    Ami xxx

    1. That’s a shame. At least you are prepared for the next time though x

  6. I think it is always important to have a plan of action as things soon start to spiral out of control otherwise 🙂 x

    1. Very true. It’s best to be prepared 😉

  7. Great tips, I write everything down to work through it. I really love moving house and getting organsied again at the other end.

  8. Moving home is such an exciting time! But also soooo stressful if not planned correctly, these are really great tips to keep in mind 🙂

  9. Love this post – I literally just moved house and there’s so much organising that has to be done before!

    1. There is loads to do. The key with most things is organisation.

  10. We just moved house and I wish that I had of started packing way before I did. Also, moving with a 10 month old is hard.

    1. It is hard moving with children. I bet you’re glad that’s over.

  11. I wish I read these tips when I moved to Asia! I left so many things behind that I had to repurchase. Organisation is definitely key!

    1. Oh no that’s such a shame. Wow that’s a big move!

  12. Ive been fortunate not to have to move in my 31 years of life (so strange typing that)
    BUT my best friend is moving and I’m going to share this with her.
    Its been stressful.
    Thanks for sharing hun
    Charlotte x

    1. Wow you have done well there. It can be very stressful.

  13. Moving can be quite a headache, and I agree that not waiting to the last minute is really a time (and dare I say, life) saver! x

  14. This is really handy. I’m moving so need all the advice I can get.

  15. Very good blog post. I certainly appreciate this site. Lots of great information for me. I am hoping to move soon so this post helped.

    Keep it up!

    1. Glad you like the post and found it useful x

  16. Very nice article, totally what I needed.

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