Comment on Keeping Your Engineered Wood Floor Clean Over Christmas by Nayna Kanabar.

I have wood flooring and it shows dust up really easily and also scratches readily.I will follow your advise on the care.

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Movie Night: Stephen King’s IT
I have not watched this move but eve as an a adult I don;t like horror movies. I do love a halloween party though.

Creating a Gorgeous Guest Bedroom 
I would love to have guest bedroom but we don’t as we use our spare room as an office. You have shared some really creative ideas to makeover the room. I do like rooms to be bright and error with light colour furnishings,

Chorizo and Cheese Scrambled Eggs
Scrambled eggs are so versatile , you can add any herbs , spices and veg to them to make a delicious and tasty meal. You have a simple but delicious recipe.

Don’t Let Bills Get You Down
I think that budgting and keeping an eye on ones spenditure will help to keep money issued at bay. Also putting aside money for upcoming bills is a good idea.

Brooksby’s Walk 7 Course Bespoke Menu Featuring Parmigianno Reggiano
What a lovely event with some fantadtic dishes. They all look so delicious.

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