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Budgeting can be a fairly simple task if you have the right know how.  There are plenty of budgeting apps available for the tech-savvy which some of my friends have said are really useful.  I don’t use these myself, however, it’s not just technology that can help you save money.  By simply looking at your spending habits and identifying areas that you are maybe a bit overly generous with your spending you’ll have a much easier time managing your finances so that you don’t need to worry about getting yourself into debt.

Examining your finances can be tricky.  Where you can, it’s best to try to reduce the larger expenses if possible.  What many tend to overlook is the smaller transactions you make and the money you could save by being more careful with your everyday expenses.  It’s the little things that can really affect your monthly outgoings especially if there are quite a few of them.  I wanted to highlight in this post areas that many often overlook that where addressed can help you save money!

Always Strapped For Cash At The End Of The Month?

Do you struggle to make ends meet every month before your pay appears in your account?  It’s likely that you’re living beyond your means or don’t plan ahead with your finances.  We’d all love to find some hidden money in our homes to help pay for things, but the reality is that it rarely ever happens.  Instead, try to save your money by budgeting correctly so that you never have to struggle at the end of the month for money.  Think about frugal practices and apply them to your spending so you have more financial freedom.

Excessive Use Of Utilities

Do you leave the lights on at night?  Do you always leave your water running when you brush your teeth / have a shower in the morning?  Is your heating / heater on all the time?  Don’t forget these all cost money and are common areas where we can all make savings.  Why not use a light with an energy saving bulb at night, look into getting free water saving devices or look at ways to help lower your heating costs.

Shop Around For Insurance

I’m shocked at how few people shop around for insurances and just let the automatically renew to save time.  I find by shopping around I can more often than not make a saving from the previous year whether it’s house insurance, car etc.  I use comparison websites such as GoCompare as they are simple to navigate and clear with the information provided.  It’s important to ensure you are getting the best price, I mean why spend more than you need too?  It just lines the companies pockets and empties yours.  

What Are Your Hobbies Costing?

Lastly, another common issue that people face is having too many hobbies or should I say having costly hobbies.  Not only does having too many hobbies make it hard for you to focus your efforts, but it also means you have more expenses to think about.  I’ve seen plenty of times where people have begun a hobby, in some cases bought pricey equipment only to decide not long after it’s not for them.  For starters renting or even borrowing equipment can be much cheaper and allows you to see if the new activity is for you.  Not all hobbies are expensive, look around in your local area and see what’s happening there.  You might discover something new that’s great fun and inexpensive.

What tips would you suggest to help avoid overspending each month?


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14 thoughts on “Identifying Areas You Are Overspending”

  1. These are some great tips! It is always good to look at where you may be spending a little too much

  2. Such great list to have a good think about where your money REALLY goes to! Sometimes it can be surprising to know.

    1. Tell me about it. It’s also a good way to cut down buying junk food when you realise how much you actually spend on it.

  3. These are definitely great ideas on cost cutting and saving money. I am going to try to implement and follow as many of the suggestions you have included as having the extra bit of money is so crucial and every little bit helps.

  4. This is a great post and when I took a moment there to think “Am I overspending on this, that or the other?” and my answer is, yes! Yes I am! I must rectify that!

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