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I miss decorating but ever since we moved last year some of the boxes are still unpacked because we thought no use to open them because we are living for a long term travel next mai. But love neutral colors on the wall but with bold colors as decoration.

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Give Your Children That Competitive Edge
The smoothie tips is super idea to be hiding “stuff” in it!😂 As long as its not green! I have a all eater (most of the time) and every
morning she share a bowl of oatmeal with fruits and nuts sitting on her dads lap before he goes to work.

Chorizo and Cheese Scrambled Eggs
Hey do we have the same recipe book because I do this all the time! Its so fast and easy and sooo good! I like to put extra hot chorizo and some tomatoe paste to give that reddish color! Mmm I am making this tomorrow!

Hankies Restaurant
I used to work in an Indian restaurant and I have been travelling three month in India but I have never seen Indian food like that before! So elevated! But the churney served in a glass jar like that looked like my daughters baby food!😂 Ohh I want them all!

Fabulously Feminine Autumn Dresses
I love dresses to! But wearing dress other time than summer is hard I think because I cant find what pair shoes or jacket to go with. In summer I dont have the same problem as I normally wear flip flops to everything!😂 But those dresses does really look nice!

Brooksby’s Walk 7 Course Bespoke Menu Featuring Parmigianno Reggiano
You would love cheesy switzerland! They are look delicious just hope they didnt taste the same of the same cheese!😂

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