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We are currently in the process of buying a property.  We’re made progress and I’m getting quite excited so of course I’ve begun looking at the various popular trends that are influencing others refurbishing properties for inspiration.

For this particular property we are going for a luxury feel.  Here I will be exploring the various options available to us that are not just in fashion now but will help create a timeless look to the new property.  It can be confusing to coordinate the various aspects of a trend but hopefully this post will help us all stay ahead of the curve and find a new look to suit our tastes.

Modern Yet Classic

A favourite with my husband and I.  This look puts the focus on craftsmanship, highlighting items that have been knitted, weaved or whittled and use materials such as wool or wicker.  Our top pick for this trend is the use of wooden flooring particularly grey wood flooring.  This has become increasingly popular recently and creates a base for the theme, in both its colour and material.  It has an even higher wow factor where a brushed or hand-scraped finish is chosen.

Focus on colour schemes like grey, dull beige, and black with a touch of pastel colour to brighten things up and keep them modern.  With the use of natural items, like plants, oak tables, terracotta ornaments, jute rugs and glassware, you will be achieving these colours anyway, so this look requires less effort and thought than others.  This trend is not going anywhere fast either – it is tipped off to be spring 2019’s biggest decor statement.

Global Nomad

With the rise of travelling thanks to flight comparison sites and Air BnB, it is increasingly common for individuals to come home with artefacts from all over the world. For this reason, a big decor trend known as “Global Nomad” is taking off.  This incorporates patterns and styles distinctively related to a culture or location, such as Berber patterns from Morocco, terracotta ornaments from the Mediterranean, or locally sourced paintings, cushion covers, jewellery and textiles. You can be as creative as you like with this.  The eclectic mix of colour to gives a comforting and nostalgic atmosphere.  Don’t travel much?  Guide books to various countries, globes or personalised marked maps may help complete the look, as well as inspire you to travel more!

The Luxury Look

Luxury and elegance are in – and have been on the rise for a few years now.  Don’t brush this off as too pretentious before you give it a chance.  It has all the necessary elements to create a relaxing atmosphere.  Low lighting, thick, plush furniture, and detailed ornaments define this trend.  Along with the detailed ornaments, consider materials such as velvet, brass, copper or marble.  Little things create a more unique touch.  If you own any one of a kind pieces, place them within this theme for a focal point.  Depending on your budget, you may want to buy new furniture for that new-purchase feeling and the novelty of having a refreshed home.  Too much?   Then why not use your fireplace more often, treat yourself to new scented candles and fancy candle holders, pretty diffusers and focus on incorporating colours such as the uber trendy gold and rose.

Which of the most recent decor trends would you most love to use in your home?

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34 thoughts on “Great Decor Trends For The Home”

    1. Just a few additions can make a marked difference. Try add in some copper or brass, maybe even some pastels depending on the you are going with.

  1. I like the ‘modern yet classic’ look. It is clean and uncluttered, and bright. While I like the others, I like to keep it simple and sophisticated. The farmhouse look seems so popular right now, but I think it is going to hit a point where it will start going out of style. That’s great you are shopping for a new home – good luck!

  2. Each of these looks are really awesome. As I look forward to buying my first place in a few months thanks to this post, I have a few options! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I really love the luxury look. I think it’s what my house would look like if I had enough money to completely refurnish a few rooms.

  4. I love the modern classic look. It looks simple and spacious but the Global Nomad caught my eye too. I just love colours.

  5. We have chosen wood flooring for our home when we renovated our home after we purchased it. Easy to maintain and lasts forever with proper care! I love the modern yet classic design style. It suits my personality the most.

  6. Oh my gosh, I loved all the decors but my most favorite one is the first one. I love gray color and you have perfectly used different colors to make it more attractive… <3 <3 <3

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