Comment on Creating a Gorgeous Guest Bedroom  by Rhian Westbury.

My guest bedroom is also an office so I have a sofa bed as I don’t have guests that often and it gives me the space for everything else x

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Wedding Venue Ideas
I think if I was to get married I would stick to the Hertfordshire area if possible, or slightly further out if it was cheaper. I’d go for an area close enough to a number of my guests x

Weekend Box – Children’s Subscription Box
I love the idea of a kids subscription box as I think it gives them something fun to look forward to x

Holidays Are Coming – Budgeting For Christmas
I am one of those people who buy throughout the year if I see things that I think people might like. I love spoiling my family but don’t want to be poor in December x

Thai Square Covent Garden
The dumplings and the squid both look like great choices to start with, making me feel hungry now x

Hankies Restaurant
I’m not a huge Indian food fan but I know my friend loves it so I’ll need to tell her to check this place out x

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