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Cleaning You Bathroom: Bacteria Hot Spots!

We all remember Kim and Aggie, don’t we? The cleaning duo who loved nothing more than to pop their cleaning gloves on and get down and dirty in a whole range of households.  They may no longer be on talking terms but something that did come out of their on screen relationship is all the useful information that they shared with watchers.  Here are just a few of the tips that they gave viewers and a few of mine too.

Get Your Bathroom Floor To Sparkle

You may be able to get your bathroom floor clean after hours of scrubbing, but what if you could get it to sparkle with much less effort? Kim and Aggie said you can! With a mixture of bleach, washing up liquid, and hot water (not boiling), you can make your bathroom floor look incredible. This mixture can be used on other areas too, and is much cheaper to make rather than using other cleaning products.

Get Tough On The Toilet Bowl

If you have a dirty, stained toilet bowl then you need to get tough. Use scouring powder to get rid of pesky stains.  I also like to change my toilet brush regularly as this makes a great breeding ground for bacteria and that’s the last thing I need.  Combining white vinegar and baking soda can be a good way to get rid of limescale build up.  You can swap the vinegar for lemon for a more pleasant fragrance.

Clean Your Drains Regularly

Clean your drains regularly with baking soda and you’ll find this should save you forking out for costly maintenance as well as make your home smell so much better!  People see to forget to clean their drains for some reason and it can cause no end of problems as well as making the bathroom smell less than pleasant.  A reed diffuser also makes a nice addition to a bathroom to help on the aroma side.  I think we’ve all seen the ads for V.I.Poo from airwick.  These I have yet to try and I have to be honest I thought it pretty comical when I first saw the adverts and was surprised that they really came up with this product although I can see how they’d be useful.

Know Where The Germs Are

Knowing where the germs are is key to getting your bathroom as clean as possible. No, you won’t be able to get rid of them all but, knowing where they are will help a great deal. I am sure you will find the infographic below helpful and interesting.  You might be shocked at what you will see here and having seen this myself I for one will be making sure everyone in my household puts the toilet lid down prior to flushing from now on.

credit to soakology

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  1. God it’s scary isn’t it how many germs are lurking! Even when you clean constantly. they are still lingering! It makes my skin crawl!!

    1. It’s not very nice is it but it reminds us to clean regularly.

  2. I prefer not to use a toilet brush. bleach does the job in the toilet and then you don’t have the bacteria breeding ground of a toilet brush. I use antibacterial cleaner around the toilet and on the handle too.

    1. Mine generally gets a brush after it’s been cleaned as a preventative measure. Good to know you are thorough.

  3. I needed some of these tips for my bathroom, whilst my toilet is fine it’s the shower cubicle driving bonkers.

    1. Oh dear. If you give it a wipe down after each use it can help x

  4. Cute infographic, but EW! I am definitely scrubbing my bathroom tomorrow!

    1. I know it’s not nice is it!!!

  5. This is something my wife would absolutely love to read, as she has a huge OCD when it comes to cleaning.

    1. Sounds like it’s perfect for her then.

  6. Oh these stats are scary! I didn’t know that Kim and Aggie fell out!!

  7. OMG! I am such a germaphobe so this is so perfect for me. I definitely try to clean the bathroom properly. I also think using an antibacterial wipe is better than a cloth so get the throwaway wipe packs so you’re not spreading more germs.

  8. Gosh reading this makes me want to go and re-clean the bathroom ewwww!

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