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Typically, remodelling of a kitchen focuses on everything but the kitchen sink. As the sink isn’t always easy to move people tend to leave this and work round it unless it is not an option.  Basins are not the simplest thing to replace due to the plumbing involved.  Still, a sink has a significant role to play in any kitchen  not only do they play a functional role they can also be a stylish feature. Sometimes when you move into a new home the kitchen sink may not be to your taste or may be very old and damaged.  Of course in this case you have no choice but to change it for something that fits with your taste and the style of the room.

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Inexperience in selecting a sink could lead to selecting a sink style you may later come to regret.  Prior to deciding on which sink to purchase make sure you do your homework.  You know you have done it right if your choice passes the ultimate test, time!  The right sink is one that is not only hard wearing it is also one that you will love to use over and over.

Here are my tips for finding the perfect sink.

Single Or Double Basin?

The first thing you need to do is take into consideration the amount of space that you have available.  Once you have established this you need to decide what type of sink you would like.  I quite liked the range of singles and double sinks on https://www.tapwarehouse.com/category/kitchen-sinks and thought it would serve as a good example so you can see what I am referring to. Both styles of sink have pros and cons. To begin with, think about the practical side of things. First and foremost, the kitchen is a place where you cook and clean and needs must be reflected by your sink choice.  A deep, solo basin is better for washing dirty pots and cutlery, but it isn’t as organised. Where you have a second basin, it is easier to separate and stack pots and pans.  This is however not  a concern if you have a dishwasher so in that instance a single sink may suffice.  Next, consider the aesthetics.  Will a double sink look too big?  Can you find a single basin in the right style and colour?  Your most important job is to research the pros and cons for your needs and choose the one which best fits your kitchen.

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Sadly, a kitchen tends to be the smallest room in the house.  Sure, the study and the spare bedroom might be smaller, but they aren’t as important or at least in my opinion. The kitchen is where the culinary magic happens, from cooking and eating with family to discussing the day’s events whilst washing dishes or putting them in a dishwasher.  It makes no sense to take up more space than necessary especially where it is already limited.  Thankfully, sinks can fit snugly into tight spaces allowing you to maximise the layout of the room.  The most important thing you can do when choosing a sink is to measure the available space and find a sink that fits.  Do not make the mistake of getting one that is either too big or too small for the space available or it will look out of place.

Finding The Right Sink

In the past, homeowners loved their sinks to be on the same level as the rest of the work tops.  Today things are a little different. A kitchen is a functional place in modern life and it needs to be easy to clean.  Materials such as granite and marble are great for kitchen work surfaces.  Those that like smooth surfaces can install a sink that fits in seamlessly and looks lovely. For example, an undermount will work perfectly as it is lower than the countertops.  That way you can wipe down the surfaces and brush water straight into the basin.

Do it in Style

Of course, it goes without saying that a kitchen needs pizzazz as well as practicality. So, next up is the style of the sink.  There is more to kitchen sinks than just a simple silver basin.  The selection available is varied and you can now find a range to fit in with all tastes and kitchen colours.  Check these on pinterest out to see what I mean: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/SIAppliances/coloured-sinks/?lp=true.  It is essential to find the colour which matches the scheme of your room and it is equally important to find the right material.  Ceramic is ubiquitous, but then you can also choose from steel, glass and copper as well as other materials.  You need to consider which would work best in your kitchen.  Porcelain is a classic option because it looks elegant whereas steel is more modern.

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Costly Materials

It is important to choose the material of the sink wisely.  The material selected may be subject to rust, cracks or wear and tear depending on what you choose.  The biggest factor to consider is the cost.  It can be better to invest in higher quality materials as this is something that you will live with for many years so you want it to last and look good.

Then, there are the after costs, such as repairs and touch ups although if you take care of your sink these shouldn’t really be necessary for many many years.  When considering the style, make sure you research the pros and cons of the materials.


A sink isn’t complete without the right taps.  It’s not just an outfit that needs accessorising, so does a kitchen sink and it’s not always as straight forward as one might think.  The area of the work surface where the sink is to be placed needs to be cut in order for the sink to be inserted.  This may be something that the company you purchase the work surface from can prepare provided you have your measurements for the sink already.  Not all sinks come with cut-outs for taps.  Some manufacturers feel they aren’t necessary which can make things more difficult. Cutting them out yourself is an option. It can be best to get the assistance of a professional to make sure it is done correctly.  There is nothing worse than a botched job.  When choosing your kitchen taps you need to make sure these complement the style of the sink.  Take your time with your selection and shop around to find the best taps at the best price.

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Have you bought a new kitchen sink before?

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43 thoughts on “Choosing the Right Sink for Your Kitchen”

  1. We really need to refit our kitchen as I don’t think it’s been done in about 20 years! Those sinks look lovely though.

  2. Those sinks look beautiful. I’m still renting an apartment but I’ll keep these in mind for future use when I get my own home. Thanks for the tips! x

  3. some super stylish options here, we opted for practical stainless steel and a power tap which has numerous settings for water pressure.

  4. some super stylish options here, we opted for practical stainless steel and a power tap which has numerous settings for water pressure. I really like the look of belfast sinks

  5. I can’t wait to buy a house and get a lovely sink! It can be such a centrepiece to the kitchen, and makes washing up a BIT more pleasant, at least!

  6. I never really thought this was a big decision but these points are all so true. Luckily our kitchen had just been renovated when we bought our house!

  7. I love styled sinks and big ones. Nothing worse than a teeny tiny sink where all the water splashes out onto the sides and the floor or on you. We have a beautiful one in our new home. Very nice looking and efficient.

  8. As I live outside my homecountry so it is a rented accomodation and could not change the sink. But when I shift to my new home, I would really follow all your tips about fixing the sink as it is most essential part of kitchen. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Perfect timing! I want to get a more modern sink for my kitchen but don’t know if it would throw off the rest of the kitchen. This gives me the perfect excuse to buy new appliances 😉

  10. We’ve always moved in to houses with new kitchens so picking a sink isn’t ever something I’ve had to do. Picking the sink size, style, taps and extras much give so much choice!

  11. As above we havent had to pick before but i do know what I love and it has to be a double or a Belfast Sink (just as its my home city) x

  12. My mom is thinking of getting redoing her kitchen! I have shared your post with her and she loved it! Thanks for sharing some great tips!

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