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I really should write more home improvement and refurbishment posts as I’m around it all the time.  Whether it’s freshening up a room or refurbishment I’m certain many of you will find the posts useful.  At the moment we are working on purchasing a new property which I am super excited about.  Refurbishing is fun.  It’s nice to put your own stamp on a place to make it look fabulous and ensure everything functions at a high standard no matter who is living in it.  Yes, we like to do things properly!!!!

Something I have noticed which to me is of vital importance but not always picked up on initially is making sure we have the right shower pumps.  Not something you worry about when buying a property, but when refitting for rental or for your own use it is important.  We all want to go to work / tackle the school run feeling refreshed and awake not ready to crawl back into bed.

Having a shower whether you use hot or cold water can also be beneficial to our health so it’s important we invest in a good pump.

A shower pump can be easily fitted to your water system to improve it’s flow rate.

Choosing the Right Shower Pump For Your Needs

What you need to know before choosing what to install / have installed:

What’s the existing plumbing system, gravity fed (vented) or mains fed (unvented)?

What do you need it for?  A shower, bathroom or whole house?

Do you need a standard or universal pump?

Standard pumps: operate under positive head conditions and are designed to be fed by gravity.  It requires a head of a minimum of a metre from the pump and the bottom of the cold water tank.

Universal pumps: operate under negative head conditions and are where the pump is either level or above the cold water tank.

If you’re not sure go for universal.  As you need to ensure there is enough pressure.

Do you need a single or twin head pump?

Twin head pumps are most common as they boost hot and cold water supplies.   A single head pump is used for either hot or cold water.

Other things to take into consideration:

Don’t forget you get what you pay for.  Spend that little more and get good quality items  as they are always more cost efficient in the end.   My husband strongly recommends Grundfos, Stuart Turner and Salamander as he’s heard a considerable amount about them, all good.  Both are well know brands for shower pumps.  Pumps tend to last for approximately 8 years although this will depend on the one you buy.

Noise.  Some pumps are far noisier than others.  Check this before you buy.  My parents used to have the most horrendously loud pump it was a nightmare so no one could shower at night for fear of waking up the whole house.  I’m glad they updated it.

Fitting.  It’s best to get a experienced plumber to fit your fabulous new pump.  You want to get it done correctly the first time and not end up paying double to have it replaced by a professional.

Did you change your shower pump when you moved into your property?

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29 thoughts on “Choosing the Right Shower Pump”

  1. Having a new bathroom installed can be so expensive. It’s the small things like this that matter a lot and you don’t realise until too late!

  2. It is important isn’t it? I hadn’t really thought about it before now, but I have a Japanese friend that will only consider looking at a property if the shower pressure is powerful enough! 😀

  3. Oh wow I never thought about this before! We are having two new bathrooms at the moment and this is such an important thing to consider!

  4. I am lucky, my hubby works for a DIY shop and knows all this stuff now – neither of us had a clue when we changed our bathroom though LOL

  5. Well before reading this I had no idea what a shower pump was or how they worked! It’s something I have definitely never considered before but it is really interesting and something I will remember for a long time! I feel like I’ve learned something today ahah!

  6. I must admit, I have not really put much thought into what shower pump I needed until my previous one died on me. I now have the universal pump which I actually like.

  7. I cannot stand a weak shower flow, so I know it’s really important to spend a little bit more, you get what you pay for!

  8. I am going to sound a little silly here, I never knew you could change your shower head! I thought you had to buy a new shower to get a new shower head!

  9. I love a new shower pump, having said that twice I have visited hotels and flooded the bathroom and came out the shower looking like a panda as couldnt avoid getting my face wet.

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