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Blinds for My Loft, Which Should I Choose?

I really love natural light which is one of the reasons I am not so keen on the winter months with the shorter duller days.  In the summer I actually avoid using artificial light when it’s  lovely and sunny outside as it’s far better, my husband thinks I’m a bit crazy for doing it but I’m not too bothered.

I have been thinking recently about our loft.  Just like any other loft that hasn’t yet been converted it’s cold, dark, dusty and possibly full of spiders the size of my hand although to be honest I wouldn’t know as I have never managed to climb the ladder to the top to look in.  I’m having visions of those spiders from the film Jumanji right now, scary!

Anyway my plan is to eventually get this room converted with a nice staircase leading to it.  The room itself at least in my head will be large and airy and very importantly bathed in gorgeous natural sunlight, or at least in the day anyway.

Of course in order to do this I need to make sure that I have good quality windows and blinds.  Anyone know a company they can suggest?  The loft conversion is at this stage something I really want to do but I want to do it properly so I asked my parents where they got their windows from as they had their loft converted about 10 years ago.  Apparently they used Velux for both their windows and blinds and I can quote my mum whom I just spoke to “we are very happy with them”!  Of course if they weren’t happy with them dad (affectionaly also referred to as Victor Meldrew by some family members) would have had something to say so clearly they must be good.

Now, so as not to inundate you with my research, I will just focus on blinds today.  With nice big windows you also need good blinds a must which my sister discovered when she first moved into my parents loft room as she couldn’t wait to get in there even though they didn’t have the blinds in there just yet.  I personally could never do that.  One of my superhero powers, I have a few but don’t tell anyone, is that I am light sensitive.  And no, before you ask I do not have any vampiric tendencies except maybe once a month when I might get the odd craving for a bloody steak.

Blinds for me are very important and I wouldn’t want to throw just anything infront of the window and hope for the best although the blinds we use it will depend on what we decide to use the room for.  Options would include a study room or a play room or a bit of both for the children, an office for me to get my work done in peace and quiet, a relaxation room where my husband and I can go and read a book, watch tv, have friends over to chat and watch a movie again without the children, a spare bedroom – no I am not having another mini person in case anyone is curious.

There are numerous options available in relation to blinds but of course a hot topic which I must address is energy efficient blinds.  I was quite pleased to see these are available on the Velux Blinds website.  These actually have a dual purpose serving as blackout blinds as well which is useful.  With their aluminium coating they can improve insulation by up to 26% and they come in 12 colours!!!  I’m getting pretty excited already.


These have a fabulous sleek design with no visible cords and neat pleats and apparently thanks to the handy Pick&Click system you can install it in minutes – they make it so easy so I don’t need to keep on at the husband to do it as I can do it myself, always a good time saver!

velux2I also quite liked the look of the Roman blinds to help create a beautiful looking room and a lovely calm environment where my husband and I could relax with friends and family and take a little time out from the rest of the household every so often as we all need a bit of ‘me time’.velux3

I love that these can be used to create a soft light effect perfect for promoting a peaceful environment in the home.  They come in 20 types of fabrics and a range of colours allowing you to get those creative juices flowing and tailor these to suit the room and the style you are looking for.  The fabrics are interchangeable meaning you I also change the look to suit my mood or the season the choice is mine and they are easy to clean another bonus point.


Another thing I need to take into consideration is whether I am going to need roof or window blinds.  Velux window blinds are specific for Velux windows and sound great as they offer heat protection, sun screening, and light control.  I have two options with these, to have them as exterior awning blinds or interior blinds, both come with  electric, solar or manual operation and naturally the child in me wants whatever is electrically operated so I have buttons to press!  The Velux roof blinds are compatible with a wider range of windows including Velux but also other loft windows, skylights and they offer light and energy control, as well as insect and heat protection.  Velux roof blinds come in different colours and operations.  Decisions decisions, it’s all quite exciting and I am not quite sure yet what to do.  The products are made from good quality materials and I have seen this first hand at my parents house.  They have had their blinds for 10 years and never had any problems, plus there is a 3 year guarantee which is useful although probably won’t be needed if my parents blinds are anything to go by.

If I opted to make it a playroom, study room or bedroom for the kids we could use one of the Disney designs or a Star Wars design depending on who ends up in the room.


The options are numerous and I really don’t know what to do yet.

What do you guys think?

Photos have been sourced from the Velux blind site (hope it’s ok to use them guys x)

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  1. Never heard of the Pick&Click ones! They certainly are a good thing to think about! but for beautiful I will chose something in a light fabric, they made the house so cozy!

  2. We have just been looking at blinds for our nursery and I am really surprised at how little choice there was out there. These all look great though!

  3. I love how different blinds can be now, they are so far from what they used to be. I’m debating getting some I have to say.

    1. It’s hard to decide what to go with 😉

  4. I am obsessed with shutters but I guess they don’t really work on slanted windows? I think it’s worth paying the little extra for the electric ones/thermal ones- and I would also say make sure you get the measurements spot on- I have some up atm that are a few mm off and the bright light coming through just kills me in the morning! I’ve heard really good things about Next’s blinds so maybe give them a look? They should have a sale soon too 🙂 xx

    1. I like the idea of the velux blinds. They’d be great in my home.

  5. Velux blinds are brilliant. My husband fits veluxes as he does loft conversions and swears by them.

    1. That’s great to know clearly his is the brand I need, thanks for that x

  6. Great post Melanie. I love attic/loft rooms like this, my dream workspace!

    1. It does look amazing doesn’t it 😉

  7. All I want from life is a bedroom with a skylight, basically. I kinda prefer blinds to curtains as well!

    1. A skylight would be amazing!

  8. There’s too many to pick from. We’re getting a conservatory fitted next week and struggling to pick myself. Jo x

    1. It’s really hard to decide isn’t it 😉

  9. We had out loft transformed into a bedroom years ago, but as we don’t actually use it as a bedroom we haven’t gotten round to adding blinds, so I will have to show my dad these ideas xx

  10. I love the cream ones- they look great but not overpowering in the room.

  11. I’d go for which ever ones are easiest to clean – I hate trying to clean them.

    1. Lol, that’s a good idea 😉

  12. I love having blinds. I find them so chic. Fab ideas here.

    1. Thanks 😉

  13. So cool! I’ve always wondered what people with windows in their loft did. Now I know.

    1. The rooms look great wit those windows and blinds don’t they 😉

  14. My mummy would just be happy with a loft conversion!! We could do with the extra space. I think they all look like good options 🙂

  15. The blinds for the loft are so important. It’s the only way to use that room to its full potential.

    1. They are, they can really help make a room look amazing!

  16. I’d love to get my loft converted as well but like you, I don’t go in there as I’m sure there are hundreds of giant spiders living in mine as well! x

    1. OMG not your’s too. I really don’t like spiders!

  17. I love attic windows and blind on them! they make the room look so comfy and cosy!

    1. They do look great, I am super exited but don’t know what to do yet!!!

  18. I would love blinds on my windows but they are always so expensive, so I have opted for black out curtains x

    1. I’m sure if you keep an eye on their site you can pick some up in a sale 😉

  19. You can get some funky looking blinds for velux windows can’t you?! I think they would really help to make the space look amazing though.

  20. I didn’t realise they was so many options. My dad is building an attic bedroom so will tell him about these

  21. there is so much choice, i wouldn’t know where to start! when i was younger, my friend’s loft was a play room and i had spent most of my time there haha

    1. It cold be a wonderful playroom or used for multiple purposes.

  22. I bet having a skylight and blinds in there will make such a big difference to the space x

  23. I love the Roman Blinds….. but also the ones that have no cords…… too much choice!

  24. I love roman blinds too, sounds like they would look great in your loft x 🙂

    1. Thanks Jennifer 😉

  25. My dream apartment has a bright top floor with loft windows in it. Actually our apartment has such a room, but it’s not in use. Maybe we should consider opening it up 🙂

    1. That would be wonderful, you could have it as a study or relaxation room 😉

  26. We have an attic room and no blind as of yet partly because I have no idea what to pick or what type I need. I wish I could help you choose but I’m in the same predicament

    1. Oh no not you too Jade. I hope you can decide soon as it’s another thing to mark off the check list 😉

  27. I love these blinds, I’m looking to have my loft done next year. It’s such a long process, and now the weather is not suitable, so hopefully in spring the mammoth task will begin.

    1. Good luck Renna 😉

  28. I like the plain Roman blinds. I have all blinds in my house – ditched the curtains years ago as they collect dust and are a pain to clean.

    1. Roman blinds do look good don’t they!

  29. We are doing up our loft so I need to keep this in mind x

  30. I’ve never managed to get up the ladders into our loft either! Could be anything up there. I used to live in a loft conversion with no blinds – made those mornings very bright!

    1. Wow glad it’s not just me. That might have been a bit too bright for me.

  31. Blinds can be a tricky one. There are quite a few different ones to choose from so you’re bound to find them eventually x

    1. I hope sooner rather than later 😉

  32. I have an atic but not sure yet what’s in there of I’d there is even room for anything else. Good luck and hope you find the blinds you like

    1. Thanks, i’m still undecided as to what to get 😉

  33. Windows are a must in any place. I find daylight so important, if it was me I’d live in an glass house 🙂


    1. I do love my natural light it does make you feel so much better x

  34. My parents are actually in the process of getting a loft conversion at the moment and it will become my bedroom so this has given me some inspiration!

    1. I’m so glad this post has been useful 😉

  35. These are so chic! I love them! Have you seen the app controlled blinds? I want those!

    1. No but that sounds brilliant!

  36. We’ve been in our house for 10 years nearly and still havent sorted the blinds out for our loft rooms!! xxx

  37. There is so much choice out there. It’s so hard to chose.

  38. It’s so good to see the versatility! You definitely have a lot of variety to choose from, and maybe you can swap them out seasonally?

  39. Blinda are a really important part of the home actually and I think often people underestimate how much it effects the overall look of your house, you can add texture, depth and colour to a room just by the blind you choose so its really important to choose the right ones! I actually really love Roman blinds so thats my vote! I feel like they add in creating a really homely, cosy surrounding!

  40. One of my good friends just converted their loft, and we learnt the possibilities with Velux are literally endless!

    1. That’s great, although makes deciding hard lol 😉

  41. If we had a loft, which we don’t then it would be black out blinds for me to keep the heat in.

  42. Gosh some of those loft pictures are amazing dream lofts !!
    The velux blinds look great too I didn’t know they could fit so many types of window styles k x

  43. What a great range! I’m moving in the new year so this post has come at the perfect time as we’re looking into things like this. I really want some blackout blinds as I don’t tend to have a standard sleeping pattern and hate trying to sleep whilst the sun is breaking through

  44. Love the kids blinds I have never seen those before they look amazing

  45. Would be great if I converted my loft

  46. The Velux ones look good

    1. Lots of options to choose from though! Not sure which I’d pick

  47. These blinds look lovely and so versatile too.

  48. I totally adore the Velux blinds. Looks great, chic and modern. I’ll be checking them out. xx

  49. Tricky decision.

  50. so much choice!

  51. The VELUX blackout blind offers a lightproof seal for total darkness anytime. It is ideal in bedrooms, where you need complete light control to ensure a good night s sleep or a restful nap during the day.

  52. I love the idea of a chill out room for when you have guests, I think that would be the best use for the space especially with those Roman blinds.

  53. I never thought choosing blinds for a loft room could be so difficult, my grandson thinks you should get the Star Wars blind

  54. I’ve heard good things about Velux blinds and as you’re light sensitive you need to make sure they shut out the light properly.

  55. I really like the look of the Velux Blinds and I put a lot of stock in other peoples experiences and your mum and dad would give you the most honest opinion. Are they easy to dust/clean and do they fade at all?

    1. I think cleaning as pretty easy but I’m not sure about the fading.

  56. With the advent of Velux windows blinds have become very popular and they look nice as well

  57. If you plan on using the loft as an extra bedroom, then you definitely need blackout blinds. I’d go for a plain neutral colour so that you can change your decor without having to change your blinds, as they are not cheap.

  58. Aww this makes me miss my skylight from my old house. Was so lovely to see the moonlit sky at night and the sun peeking through in the day. I never had a blind for it though, that would’ve been handy

    1. It is lovely isn’t it to have natural light coming in.

  59. Attic rooms are lovely, my daughter had one in a house we rented. But it didn’t have fitted blinds, so I hung a curtain with a cord at the bottom to keep it place. I don’t suppose you would be quite so keen on dolphins swimming!

  60. Love the roman blinds, how exciting… I love home improvements!

    1. I know, it’s so much fun deciding what to do.

  61. Velux blinds are My personal favourites and I find them easier to use

  62. I like Roman blinds, but only if they have a blackout liner to keep out the sun and the warmth in 🙂

    1. That’s a good idea and would be great when it’s cold too to keep the heat in.

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