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Tips For Gift Buying

Buying presents for friends and family isn’t always easy.  You want to make sure that the gift you buy will be well received and you want to show that you care and there is always that one person that is a nightmare to buy for as they seem to have just about everything!!!  Coming up with original ideas may be tricky, but it is possible to make buying gifts a doddle.  Just follow these simple tips.

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Be Prepared

Last minute shoppers can often fall into the trap of being stuck for what to buy and end up buying something that hasn’t been that well thought through.  I know people say it’s the thought that counts but grabbing that last wilting bunch of flowers at the supermarket with the drooping heads and browning petals isn’t going to say to a friend Happy Birthday your a great friend is it!  For friends you truly appreciate you should make the effort to show them you care.  It doesn’t have to take much time or planning, the key is just to be prepared and organise it ahead of the day.

Think Only of The Recipient

Remember that you’re not shopping for yourself when you’re buying gifts.  The most important goal you have is to find something that the recipient will love.  Put your own sense of style and your taste aside and focus solely on what they would like.  Think about their personality, what they wear, what they do in their spare time and their hobbies and interests.  You can always phone their partner or mutual friends to get some ideas.

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Bear interests in mind

When you’re toying with ideas or trying to brainstorm, think about what that special someone loves and how they would spend their money if they had a bit of extra cash.  Are they a foodie or an animal lover?  Are they mad about sport or do they love nothing more than a bottle of fine wine and good quality chocolates?  If you use their passions and interests as a foundation for your search you can’t go wrong.  Look out for quirky ideas like personalised glasses or hip flasks for those who are partial to a drink, customised hampers for food lovers or home spa treatments for those who enjoy a bit of pampering.

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Buy Gifts People Want Rather Than Need

When you’re shopping for presents, it’s always a good idea to try and find something that your sibling, friend or partner would love, rather than just going for something that they need. Of course, we all need socks and toiletries, but does anyone really want to be opening a mound of practical presents on their birthday although a few can be good.  It’s far more exciting for them to get a treat that they will appreciate and enjoy.

Don’t Limit Yourself to Physical Items

It’s easy to focus your search on material goods when there are birthdays or special occasions approaching, but sometimes, experiences can be much more valuable than tangible items. Think about buying tickets for a match for football fans or booking some cooking classes for someone that loves to cook.  You could treat an adrenaline junkie to a bungee jumping adventure or a petrol head to a track day.  If you find perfect ideas that are out of budget then why not consider teaming up with siblings or friends to make the gift more affordable.  You don’t necessarily have to buy an experience, you could also plan a day out.  If you don’t see your mum much or it’s been an age since you spent the weekend with your best friend you could book a hotel for the night, go to a spa for the day or simply arrange lunch and cocktails or afternoon tea.

Experiences make memories that can be treasured for always just don’t forget to take a camera to capture the fun and don’t forget a great collection of pictures in an album or a lovely framed photo of this great day out can be used as part of the gift.

Do you find it hard to buy gifts? Do you always have good intentions to find incredible presents, but end up buying vouchers or putting cash in an envelope?  If so, use these tips as a guide the next time you go shopping. Hopefully, they’ll make it much easier to find the perfect gift.

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This Post Has 21 Comments

  1. Love these tips, I always try and buy people experiences that they’ll love. Think they mean so much more than physical items sometimes x

  2. I always like to be prepared which is why I already have some Christmas presents (sorry for the C bomb), and experiences always make a great treat too x

    1. That’s great, I’ve started Christmas preparation too!!!! 😉

  3. I like these tips, it’s always best to be prepared otherwise the thought process of picking a gift is rushed and these other tips could be overlooked!

    1. That’s very true. There is no point rushing gift buying.

  4. i have to say that the gifting for me and my husband are always easy , i love my planning essentials, i also love my pandoras , he is more int his fishing things and tolls the typical male lol, i do however find it difficult for family, you dont want to spend too much but you want it not to look tacky cheap to so this is a good idea

    1. Glad hubby is easy to buy for, mine isn’t so much.

  5. As I have started making my Christmas to do list these tips are very welcome! Thanks

    1. No problem, glad to have helped.

  6. im always on the lookout for good gift ideas, and you’ve provided them!

    1. Glad to have helped Rachael 😉

  7. These are great tips, I would much rather have an afternoon tea than an object that will get put in the wardrobe never to be seen again

    1. Same here the experience is so much more fun and the memories last a lifetime 😉

  8. Some people are always so difficult to buy for! I love the idea of buying experiences rather than material “things” 🙂

    1. It can make gift buying easier and it can be more fun for the recipient too!

  9. I love buying gift for people. I tend to buy a lot of vouchers for people now 🙂

    1. Vouchers can work very well if you know where people like to shop from. I bought some for friends this year.

  10. Having 3 children and 11 nieces and nephews i have to be prepared! Thanks for the tips, they are fab!

  11. Fabulous ideas! I especially love giving experiences rather than physical presents. In my opinion it can be so much more special.

  12. I love buying my friends experiences or booking them tickets for show or taking them for a nice meal – it means so much more to them and creates lovely memories.

  13. Great tips. I shall definitely keep them in mind while doing my Christmas shopping.

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