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Holidays Are Coming – Budgeting For Christmas

Having dropped the C word yesterday on twitter (Christmas that is, no naughtiness here) I thought I would follow up and assist my readers by prepping them to be organised and make Christmas run as smoothly and stress free as possible.

Christmas – It’s the most wonderful time of the year, with presents, great food and quality family time. However, it can also be the most expensive time of the year. To truly make your Christmas as extravagant as possible means spending a considerable amount of our well-earned pennies.  From stocking up on everyone’s favourite sweet treats to going all out on the decorations… It’s not a cheap time of the year. That’s why it is so important to start planning early. There are less than 100 days until Christmas this year which might sound like ample time but it really isn’t that long at all. Put it this way, that’s less than 15 Fridays… scary right?

Be Realistic

You could go about this is three different ways, either save up small amounts all the way up to Christmas then do your shop in December, buy as you go or take out a same day loan from a company such as New Horizons for that last minute shopping spree. You need to decide which option works best for you.  You might find it useful to use a budget planner to find out what you can physically afford and go from there. Split up your costs into food, decorations and gifts to enable you to see exactly how much you have to spend.  Personally I avoid pay day loans but where people are able to get the money to pay it off fast it can work although costs a fair amount.

Set A Budget With Friends And Family

The last thing you want to do come the New Year is be landed with a large bill because you’ve gone overboard with presents for your loved ones. Although it may be nice to treat the ones you care about at this time of the year, you still need to take your financial circumstances into account.  You may have just bought a new home or had to pay a large sum to fix your car or had to replace an expensive appliance. Set that budget to help you manage the funds you have to play with efficiently.

Switch Bank Accounts

Did you know that Banks such as Halifax give you £100 for switching to current account with them? It’s a simple way to earn a little extra cash in time for the festive season and allow you to buy that 12 foot Christmas tree you’ve always wanted.

Black Friday

You will most likely have heard of this crazy event, where online and physical retailers go all out to offer insane deals on items at the end of November. Companies such as Amazon have taken this to a new extreme and hold a week full of sales and bargains for its customers. If you are looking to get something expensive like a game console for someone this year, wait for Black Friday because you may get some great bargains.

The Early Bird Catches The Worm

Not easy to do if you don’t have much storage space but it helps cut stress dramatically.   Buy during the year.  Look out for special offers etc. you can save loads.  As you know, the closer to Christmas you get, the higher the prices, the busier stores get and there is a higher risk what you are after will be sold out. Once the day is over everything is slashed MASSIVELY. Another option for the super organised is to pick out bargains in the January sales ready for next Christmas? It will save you money and take the stress off too.

Sell Unwanted Goods

If you need to build up the cash a little bit quicker in time for buying gifts, why not have a small clear out of your old things and sell them on eBay or Facebook Marketplace? It will not only clear up room in your home but also add to that fund.

Buying Food

Did you know that Aldi’s Christmas Pudding is one of the highest rated by Which? You don’t have to shop in the most expensive stores to get your food for the festive season.  Budget supermarkets are competing with, and in some cases overtaking the larger ones with quality and price. Go down to your local budget store and check out what they have to offer.

Deck The Halls (Cheaply)

Christmas Decorations don’t have to be expensive. Home Bargains and similar discount retailers offer some amazing homeware and decorations for a fraction of the cost. Deck your halls with some beautiful fairy lights, bunting and tinsel without breaking the bank and putting you out of pocket.

Secret Santa

If you have a large group of friends or work colleagues you are close to, instead of buying them all separate gifts why not take part in Secret Santa? This way you get to set a budget of £10, pull names out of a hat and you’ll only have to buy one present. Also, secret Santa can be a really good laugh.

Outlet Stores

Some of the best deals to be had on designer clothes, cookware and gifts are at their outlet stores, There are plenty of locations all around the country where you will be able to find outlet stores and save money buying slightly out of range or discontinued stock. It’s a genius way of saving money while still being able to buy what you want.

Get Cooking

Rather than buying a bottle of mulled wine or a batch of mince pies, why not let your culinary expertise out and try to make them yourself? Often making your own treats is cheaper than buying the real thing, plus you have the bonuses of warming up the house and leaving it smelling amazing!

Old School Entertainment

If you and your family like to gather at Christmas day after dinner and play games, then why not go old school.  You don’t need to buy games simply play charades. Don’t buy a pack of cards, simply write things down on paper and fold them up, put them in a bowl and you instantly have a fun game without paying a single penny!

Christmas is a time of giving, spending time with family and enjoying great food. It might seem stressful now, but if you take some of these money saving tips on board it will be much easier to organise, and you’ll be able to enjoy everything Christmas has to offer.

Don’t forget although many appreciate gifts friends and family don’t want you getting into debt due to overspending.  Be careful and budget and put what you need first ahead of what you want!!!!

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  1. Some useful tip in your post but i have to say I was a little concerned that you actually listed taking out a same day loan as an option for budgeting…. The interest rates on those types of loans are extortionate and certainly not something I would have expected to see on a money saving blog?

  2. I really do need to get organised for Christmas this year – but I’ve got 7 family birthdays before then to fit in! I’ll try and follow some of your tips!

    1. Wow that’s a lot of birthdays. Make sure you look out for great offers so it doesn’t get too costly.

  3. I know quite a few people who start shopping the day AFTER Christmas in order to get a jump on the upcoming year.
    I don’t do Christmas anymore myself but I will pin this for my followers on Pinterest!

  4. Great advice. With four children and just one income, Christmas is always a tough one! We try to spread the cost throughout the year or save as much as possible. I can’t believe how close it is!

  5. I use so many of these tips! I love selling on eBay, buying early and baking goods for presents! It saves so much money!

  6. I can’t belive how quickly christmas will be upon us again, only seems 5 minutes since last year! Fab tips and a couple i will be using too!

  7. oh im so very excited i actually love this time of year

    1. Me too it can be fun to prepare.

  8. I am one of those people who buy throughout the year if I see things that I think people might like. I love spoiling my family but don’t want to be poor in December x

    1. That’s greatto hear. Your Christmas shouldn’t be too stressful then.

  9. I always like front he outset to set a budget with friends and family. I think that way we all know not to overspend.

  10. I love Black Friday and I always try and save food stamps throughout the year.

    1. Good to hear. It’s not long now!!

  11. We’ve just started listing all our old stuff on eBay to try and make a bit of extra cash towards Christmas presents. Oscar only wants one thing this year, and shock horror it’s only available in the US! I’m hoping to make enough to order it and have it shipped over in time for the big day 🙂

    Louise x

  12. I start buying xmas presents as soon as the last birthday is over with in august. Have a few bits done already

    1. That’s great to hear. Looks like you can cross a few off your list.

  13. Some great tips here. I will deffo be getting my bake on and working up a storm in the kitchen.

    1. That’s good to hear. Let me now when you do I’m coming over!!!!

  14. I am one of those very sad people who starts Christmas shopping in July 🙈 I always make the most of next VIP slots and love the Black Friday deals!

    1. That’s good it really does take the pressure off.

  15. It’s scary to think we have less than a 100 days left before Christmas. As finances are tough at the moment I will be implementing some of the tips you’ve shared.

    1. That time will go by really fast. I need to get my lists written up and cross off who I have got items for. Have fun shopping.

  16. It can be so hard for people to budget for Christmas… Any tips can help! I’m actually really lucky (in a way) that I don’t have a huge family to buy for.

    1. That can help a lot and must mean you don’t need to spend too much.

  17. Love these tips, I put a small amount of money away throughout the year to ensure I can have a debt free Christmas x

    1. That’s good to hear. I hope you have begun getting in items to save the running around last minute.

  18. CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE I AM SO EXCITEDDDD – I always start buying gifts way in advance (I’m talking months here) so it’s more do-able and it helps so much with money and stress!

    1. It sure does. Preparation is the key to a stress free Christmas!

  19. Oh cool! Yeah, this just remind to start planning my budget goals.

    1. Good luck. I hope you save a good amount.

  20. What a great post, I am always well on top of Christmas and budget really well every year as we have such a huge family. I actually can’t wait for it though as it’s my favourite season x

    1. It is a fun season although I wish it was warmer ;-)0000

  21. This is a great post. I really have to budget this year because we are buying a house, but I’ve told all my friends and family and they understand.

    1. It’s good to be honest with everyone and let them know so you don’t have to worry about it. Some get themselves in debt unnecessarily.

  22. I’m already waiting for Black Friday to bag a couple of presents for people x

    1. It’s good to be prepared. Make sure you list what you need in advance 😉

  23. It’s never too early to start thinking about buying Christmas presents and all of those are awesome ideas.

    1. Thanks. Have fun shopping Angela.

  24. My mum friends and I have already agreed to take our children for a day out together, rather than buy presents. It can get very expensive!

    1. It sure can and the memories that you will create will be long lasting. Just be sure to take plenty of pictures.

  25. Good reminder…Christmas is so close, and I feel like it came so fast this year. Start socking away a bit of money from each paycheck!

    1. Good idea. Start shopping soon it you can too.

  26. Christmas already? You’re right, it’s good to start budgeting from now.

    1. Good luck!

  27. Last Christmas was super hectic, as we flew back home to New Zealand. I’m hoping to be a lot more on top of the festive season this year and actually enjoy the run-up, rather than feeling stressed! x

    1. I hope you do too Jacqui. Have fun!

  28. Eeeek! I’m so excited for Christmas. I’ve even started my shopping already and budgeting like a champion!

    1. That’s fantastic. I hope you have a lovely one.

  29. Some great ideas on how to budget for such an expensive season – I’m budgeting like mad!

    1. Thanks Rebecca. The key can be preparation. Good luck with that I hope you can save a nice sum.

  30. What a great post! I’ve just moved into my own place and I’m hosting Christmas here this year so need to make sure I budget properly! xxx

    1. Oh wow congratulations Laura. Good idea if you start now you should be fine.

  31. These tips are great – we save a little each month and we also stay away from buying too many presents for the adults in the family. We also do budget presents or little challenges, like buying 10 gifts for £10 and seeing what we can get… very funny outcomes to be fair 🙂 x

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