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Buying Gifts For Men Made Easy

Buying gifts for men isn’t always easy. You want to get them something great, something they’ll really appreciate and actually use. However, what are you supposed to get for a guy who has everything – or doesn’t really give you any clues as to what they’d like?

This guide will help you! Here you’ll find a few pointers and gift ideas for men for birthdays, Christmas, and just because.

Useful Gifts

Novelty gifts are great fun but not for everyone and make great additional gifts.  It’s important to keep the person you are buying for in mind when choosing so you can present them with a gift they will love.  Think hobbies, food they like, activities they enjoy, what they might need etc.

Only give store gift cards as a last resort or if they need one!

A Gift Should Be A Surprise?

It is nice to have a surprise gift isn’t it.  Even more so when it’s something you really wanted / needed and someone has made an effort to make sure it is perfect.  I know many think gifts should be a surprise, and they can be when thought through properly. It’s great receiving a gift, feeling anticipation and excitement and having no idea what’s inside only to open it and be delighted with the thoughtful contents.

This idea can be a little concerning though – what if they don’t like the gift?  There are ways around this.  How about secretly checking with their friends and family to make sure they haven’t already got something similar.

Gift Ideas

Gift Subscriptions

This is a great way to make sure the gift is a surprise.  The best part about it is that they’ll be receiving a surprise every week/month, or however long you set the gift up for. For example, you could sign them up to a box filled with grooming products if they love to take care of themselves, or even subscribe them to their favourite magazine.

A Watch

A watch can be a fantastic gift, and it doesn’t have to be flashy or have a big brand name. Watches suit everybody, and there’s a style for all kinds of men. You can buy a watch with a leather strap for something a little more casual, for instance. Bonus points if you know whether they actually need a dress watch or a casual watch.

Beard Conditioner / Other Beard Grooming Products

If you know a guy with a great beard, or even a one attempting to grow one; beard conditioner, beard oil, or another great beard product could be the perfect gift.  Men take their beards very seriously these days, and taking care of them is a must if they are going to look their best.  

Bluetooth Speakers

For somebody who loves to listen to music, a bluetooth speaker is a great way for them to listen to music from their phone at full blast.  There’s a bluetooth speaker for every price range so consider what your budget is before doing your research.  Also, think about what is important to this person. If they travel a lot, a speaker that is small and durable would be a good idea. If they like to host parties at home, one that is super loud and clear will be perfect.

A Standing Charging Cable For Smartphones

A standing charging cable for smartphone is the gift nobody knows they need until they receive it. Then, they don’t know what they would do without it! It might sound like one of the geeky gift ideas for men you’ve heard of, but it’s seriously beneficial. They’ll be able to watch a movie or a youtube video, even play a game whilst their phone is charging.

A Coffee Maker

For the coffee enthusiast / or caffeine addict, a coffee maker gives that morning brew a little something special. It can create luxury coffee at home, saving a fortune on premium coffees from places like Starbucks. Maybe even get them a personalised reusable cup to go with it.

Fitness Trackers

If the guy you’re thinking of is a fitness fanatic or has been wanting to improve their fitness for some time, a fitness tracker makes a wonderful gift.  There are trackers for all budgets. Some track steps and calories burned, others track sleep, heart rate, and other stats for a great overall view of a person’s health!

A Trip Somewhere

I have numerous friends that love travelling to new places, making awesome memories, and experiencing new things.  By investing in a trip somewhere cool (maybe you go along too), you’ll be giving this person a fantastic gift.

An Experience Day

An experience day is a lovely gift idea. It gives them all of the anticipation and excitement leading up to the day, which can make a gift even more exciting and memorable. Then, they can spend the day driving a race car, or if they dare, skydiving.


Buying gifts for the men in your life shouldn’t be a chore. Gift buying and giving should be as enjoyable as receiving gifts! Be thoughtful, use your detective skills to figure out what they need, and use ideas off this list for inspiration if you need it.

Happy gifting! 

Do you have any men in your life that are not easy to buy for?

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  1. I find it so hard for my brother & my father – all the other males are fine as they like decent beauty products. My family won’t do experinces, have very expensive hobbies & defintely don’t do any kind of beauty or fashion! Gadgets are often my go to but there’s only so many music speakers one can have!

    1. I think we all have at least one person that is hard to buy for in our families.

  2. Buying gifts for men I always easy except for my partner

    1. Men can be hard to buy for sometimes.

  3. I often struggle to buy gifts for my husband! This is really helpful, thank you!

  4. I think buying gifts for men is much harder than buying for your friends, mum and so on! Thankfully, my mister has a new hobby which means buying him stuff just got much easier x

  5. Novelty gifts always seem like a great idea at the time but fast forward a few months and the recipient will be wondering whether to throw it in the bin!! Great gift ideas 🙂

  6. Experience days are really fab gifts for people! I love them!

  7. I think there are much more options for gifts for men now then there used to be. I love the idea of a surprised gift as they make for the most loved and recieved. An experience day would be something fun and I know my husband would enjoy something like indoor ski diving for example.

  8. Most of the men I buy for are really hard to buy for! But I love your list and suggestions x

  9. Men are always the hardest to buy gift for, aren’t they??? I love the day out experience idea! Can’t beat time spent together.

  10. These are great ideas. I’ve got my partner an amazon dot x

  11. Men are so hard to buy for! I love some of the experience days that you can buy, Kaz

  12. I find it hard what to buy my husband for Christmas.

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