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I really need to think about upgrading my phone as I’m running out of storage on my current one, I would love to go for the iPhone but they are so expensive!

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Is It Time to Upgrade Your Old Phone?
I really need to think about upgrading my phone as my storage is just about out, I’ll definitely have to look into HTC or Sony as I could do without spending out an arm and leg.

Pure Potions Shampoo and Conditioner
These sound like they would be right up my street, I do love natural products and I am always looking for new things to try on my hair so I will have to perhaps treat myself to some.

Creating Gorgeous Wedding Photos That Look Great On Social Media
I wouldn’t have a clue where to start on wedding photos but these sound like some really good ways to make them stand out from the rest!

Dinner at The Cavendish Hotel
Wow I bet this was an amazing place to stop and have something to eat – the food looks just delicious and so well presented.

Arthur Price Despicable Me 3 Crockery and Cutlery
Oh my goodness this is amazing haha! I have to admit most of my cutlery is from Arthur Price, I managed to put together a set in their sale from odds and ends so felt quite pleased with that haha!

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