My hubby loves his gadgets.  He’s pretty good with figuring out how to work them too which is great as he is sometimes called upon by friends and family for assistance when they get stuck.  Naturally when I had a fabulous new printer arrive from Epson I asked my lovely hubby to get it set up for me.  This particular printer is one that he had had his eye on for a while and when he heard it was on its way he was like a large child.  Honestly I think he had swallowed the instruction manual as he was a fountain of knowledge.  Apparently it’s very good because it hasn’t got those awfully annoying cartridges to deal with, handy as it’s not always easy to find the cartridges you need and also because it’s hard to get the damn things in and out of the printer.  The EcoTank ET-3600 comes with 2 complete sets of ink (approx 2 years worth) which is great and this allows one to print up to 11,000 pages both in black and also in colour.  You save on the cost of having to buy quite a few ink cartridges with this and when you eventually do come to need more bottles they are reasonably priced.  I found sets of all 4 colours for £28.39 on the cartridge save site.  This 3 in 1 inkjet will scan, copy and print (double sided printing if required which can save you money on paper).  You can print wirelessly from a computer, tablet – android or ipad, smart phone or iphone.  You can even email files for printing from anywhere in the world via Epson Email Print.

My husband said this Inkjet printer is great because it has an integrated high capacity ink tank system allowing for a more economical product and I could do far more printing before it needed less refilling – hence he would get the “babe my printer needs ink” less often (the lucky man).  Asking my husband was like asking google but with far more in depth knowledge of the product.  I wonder if he had also memorised the trouble shooting guide too just in case lol.  I looked on the site fearing I may exhaust the husbands brain cell by asking him a gazillion questions about the machine and saw that this amazing printer can save me up to 74% in printing costs, how fabulous does that sound!

I’ve just realised I’ve been nattering on and not even shown you what my newest toy looks like, silly me.


Included in the box: the EcoTank ET-3600, 2 of each ink colour, a power cable, an instruction book and software disc.

So as you can see I am more than a little excited and wanted to see what this baby can do.  Of course before it could show me anything the hubby’s services were required to get the printer connected and loaded up with ink.


Adding the ink was easy enough to do which is handy as I can refill these myself when they eventually need a top up.  You can see from the photo the ink colour numbers are clearly labelled, it’s pretty idiot proof which is perfect and it also allows me to be more self sufficient, I hate when I need help to do things like get that damn jar of Jalapenos open – seriously that jar has it in for me I’m sure.

Once the ink had been added my husband set about making sure he had the computer communicating with the printer and we were off.  First off the press was a copy of an email for an event I was off to.  I normally print my confirmation emails as well as maps when I need them and the printer did it’s job nice and quickly.  The print speed for black and white is 14 pages per minute and for colour 7 pages per minute.

Paper is loaded into a handy hideaway tray to keep the paper dust free which can hold 150 sheets .  It’s also clearly marked for the different paper sizes you might want to use so you know where about to place the paper.  There is also a pull out tray that folds out to hold paper when it comes out of the printer.

This got me thinking.  Every year we make photo calendars for relatives and we have a teeny tiny photo printer (for 4×6 pictures) for this that I will admit causes us no end of problems and we have been through about 3 of them over the last few years.  Could the Epson EcoTank Et-3600 compete with this?  I bet it could and leave it redundant.  You see the photo printer we have can only print small photos, needs cartridges and in essence the Epson EcoTank ET-3600 should be far superior and cost less to run.   Of course when I went to get the calendars (£1.50 from  the photo lab in Tesco – bargain!) to add the photos to they were out of stock, typical.  Eventually I got my hands on a few and also some photo paper (5×7) for which there is a sizing clearly marked in the paper loading area.


The moment of truth:

(In order to fit the pictures onto the calendar I have used 5×7 sized paper rather than the large one shown.)

The screen was clear as were instructions.  Buttons were self explanatory and add to the ease of using the device.

dsc02022 dsc02029

Here is the printer in action:

How great does my calendar look!  My parents  are bound to love it.

dsc02033I really love this printer, it’s very easy to use and it’s saving me money too so it’s win win.  If you print, scan, photocopy regularly I would suggest looking into getting one of these.  The initial outlay may sound like quite a bit but the savings over time make up for it.

I was sent this printer for an honest review, all thoughts / opinions are my own.

97 thoughts on “The Espon EcoTank ET-3600”

  1. I love a good inkjet printer! I’m a cheapskate so I do all my printing at work, but if I was on the market for a printer, Epson would definitely be something I’d be looking to buy; their ink’s always the cheapest as well!

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  2. You are so lucky to have a husband who takes care of techie things for you! I am not particularly tech savvy myself and it takes me a lot of time to work out how to do things.
    The printer sounds like a pretty economical and eco-friendly option. And it’s so handy to be able to print your own pictures.

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  3. WOW ! I have never seen a printer that you fill the ink up yourself from little bottles… that would really help sceptical old me as I don’t believe my printer when it says we areout og ink again, yet the level on the pc shows still 1/4 of a cartridge !!

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  4. GOSH! Love this <3
    A proper nice heavy duty printer which isn't too big, this would come in handy for my planning addition now Im making stickers too.
    Thanks so much for sharing hun
    Charlotte x

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  5. I really need to think about getting a new printer, we don’t have one at all here at the moment and I definitely miss it. This sounds like the perfect one to buy as well.

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  6. This sounds amazing! It’s good to have an improved link between the printer and computer; I think that’s been lagging behind other gadgets for a while now. The results are brilliant! Thanks for the write-up.

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  7. My dad has so many printers that he has been given from companies when they have updated their’s so I use his. I love the calendar and would love to make one as we buy personalised ones every year for the grandparents x

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  8. This is really interesting and sounds really economical. We bought a wireless printer/scanner and it goes through ink like no tomorrow plus the printer tells us the ink cartridges are empty even when their not and we have to begrudgingly change them. We’ve now gone back to using my 10+year old deskjet

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  9. What a lovely calendar, I am pure technophobe as I have no mobile phone much to everyones annoyance so I won’t be buying one of these, i think it’s fab for those that don’t panic with anything with a plug

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