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Did the HoMedics Duo IPL HH100 work ?

I wrote a post about a hair reduction system earlier this year which proved to be quite popular with readers.  The question on everyone’s mind now I am sure is of course how did I get on with the HoMedics Duo IPL HH100 and does it work?

I used the device on the stronger setting every two weeks initially but found that I started to forget every so often to use it exactly after the two weeks were up.  But, I did continue to use the device regularly (ish).  Over the summer I stopped using the HoMedics Duo IPL HH100 in my lead up to going away and on my return I waited for any signs of a tan to fade which I still managed to get ever after using factor 50 and topping up regularly!!!!.  This took a while but once it faded I started to use the device again.  The Duo was simple to use, just plug it in, make sure you are shaven, the skin is dry and beauty marks are covered then set the device to the strength you want and press the button.

It really is that simple!

 There was a popping noise with each pulse and a feeling of warmth but thankfully it wasn’t particularly painful!  That was a relief as I had been a bit worried about the pain factor.  I decided just to do my arms for the moment as I don’t have very much time to hand generally but this fortunately didn’t actually take long to do each time.  Having used the duo over a period of time although to be fair with breaks I can safely answer the main question, does it work?????? Yes!  This is wonderful news for women and men alike.  So quit using those damn razors (yay no more sore bumpy skin), epilators (ouch) and don’t even consider going through the trauma of waxing, this is all you need and over time less and less hair will grow back.  Don’t forget it isn’t a quick fix simply because hair grows in cycles and not all hairs grow at the same time (and varies from person to person) so continued use is required to catch them all.  Persistence pays and works out cheaper than waxing and using razors in the long run with all the products needed to soothe the skin after use.  Just to note there is also a cartridge available for use on the face.  The HoMedics Duo IPL HH100 is a great investment and makes a great gift for a loved one plagued by unwanted hair in fact I know a few people myself that will want one after reading this.


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  1. I have been thinking about using similar devices for a while but always wondered if they actually work. I am waxing mainly at the moment and think that’s a real pain (both physically and the fact that the hair keeps growing back!). Cheers for sharing

    1. Wow I couldn’t cope with waxing. I did try it a while back but NEVER again!!!!

  2. This is really interesting – I’ve wondered about using such things, perhaps I will have to give them a whirl and try and get rid of that unwanted hair. x

    1. It’s great for getting rid of unwanted hair and slows down regrowth really well.

  3. Your skin looks so smooth and I would like to own a homedic duo as shaving can be pain to maintain. How long would it last?

    1. The hair slowly stops coming back but it all depends on your hair growth cycle and if you use it regularly.

  4. Oooh I like the sound of this it is so nice to read an honest review and see that a product does actually work. I may look at investing in one of these x

    1. It’s a really good one, I’m glad I got to try it.

  5. I’m currently getting laser done on my legs and underarms, so this would be handy for once I complete my treatment to top up if I see any signs of regrowth. x

    1. it’s so much easier to do it at home as and when you have the time.

  6. It’s great to hear that it doesn’t hurt, that’s a major plus point in my book. I hate razors so I might treat myself x

    1. If you get it soon you won’t need a razor in the summer!!!

  7. Wow I didn’t think that something like this would work. I’d love to try this so I’ll have to look in to it X X

    1. I wasn’t sure about a home one but i have to say i am impressed.

  8. this sounds really interesting. I will have to find out more about this, as it’s something I have been thinking about getting for a while now

    1. This one is really good and simple to use.

  9. I would worry about the pain too, so it’s good news that it wasn’t particularly painful. It also looks simple to use. Something to consider!

    1. It’s great, I was so relieved as I had been worried about the pain side.

  10. This is something I really need in my life, thanks for a great review!

    1. Glad you liked it, it’s a super device.

  11. I have never heard of this before. I will love to try it out. Your skin looks great.


  13. That’s a good thing it works, i’ve been looking for something as an alternative to shaving as I have a low pain threshold waxing certainly isn’t an option! xxxx

  14. great idea, would love a painless way to have hair free legs!

  15. I’d love to try out one of these one day – it would be amazing to be hair free!

    1. It is something many of us strive for.

  16. hmmm… ive been wondering about these for a while …. :/

  17. This looks painless, I always thought it would hurt

    1. That’s what I had been worried about.

  18. Lately, I have been reading a lot about IPLs and I must say I am closer and closer to getting one – thanks to this article, I am even closer. Thanks for honest opinion, it is exciting.


  19. This looks really interesting. I’ve been looking for a new device similar to this 🙂

  20. Glad to hear that this worked for you!! I’d only really want to use this on my underarms and other sensitive areas but not sure if it’s a good idea to risk doing it myself.. How much did this device come to?

  21. What a great product – that actually works. Lovely review 🙂 Kaz x

    1. Thanks Kaz. It’s great to try these products and see how well they work.

  22. I really really wanna buy one of these as i pay for IPL at a salon and it would save me a fortune xxx

    1. These are far easier as you can use them when you want from home.

  23. This sounds great, nothing could be more painful than waxing!

    1. Waxing is torture, I don’t know how people can go through it more than once!

  24. Thanks for the review, and follow up. My daughter has been after one.

    1. No problem Neil, glad to have helped.

  25. great to read an honest review – i have been thinking about this !

    1. This is great and now is the time to get yur hands on one before the summer!!!

  26. I always get ingrowing hairs with waxing and epilating so maybe I’ll try this – thanks !

    1. You’re brave to even try the waxing but this device is so much better!!!

  27. Yes I’m getting hairier ‘with age’ and would love something to remove my unwanted facial hair Melanie’s Fab Finds is this for me? Your review has piqued my interest thank you I must check if it’s safe for (eyebrow areas etc ) Thanks (Muckiemoo) It’s quite some time since I have seen you on line. How the family has grown up since your first chocolatie photo of your eldest daughter. Happy New year to you all Regards Chrriss

    1. Oh dear Christine well I am pleased to say this will help. I had a little break over the Christmas period to spend time with the children and family but am back on with lots more great posts and competitions. That photo was so long ago now I think it was about 6.5 years ago if memory serves me correctly. I hope you had a lovely Christmas break.

  28. Ooooh… not seen these before. Shame I didn’t know in time for it to be on my Christmas list!

    1. I’d suggest use any Christmas money you may have been given or invest in one, it’s worth it!

  29. I had IPL on my lower legs done professionally at a salon several years ago. after 6 or so treatments all the hair had gone. it stayed gone for a couple of years, then gradually started coming back. Eventually I ended up with pretty much the same amount of hair as I started with, except that the hair has permanently gone in a 2-3 inch strip above my ankles and a 1-2 inch strip below my knees. Very weird! I don’t know if the treatment failed because my hair is quite light coloured, or it just wasn’t very good back then. hopefully you have found a solution that is truly permanent.

    1. Thanks Fiona. Sorry to hear it came back.

  30. Hi was wondering when watching the video that you can use from the cheeks down so why do you need a facial cartridge the information is confusing

    1. Hi Michelle, they have a seperate one for use on the face.

  31. This looks really interesting – I hate shaving, hate waxing so if this works it might be worth a go 🙂 H x

  32. I’m glad it wasn’t painful I always worry about this type of thing! I’ve opted for laser for a longer term option to hair removal x

    1. I was a bit worried before I used it and sooo relieved after I had tried the device.

  33. An interesting sounding product! I suppose I am very grateful at being a natural red head so my hairs are all nearly invisible and I don’t need to worry about such things, but I can see how it could benefit folk.

    1. It’s handy as it slows down growth quite a bit.

  34. I think people often assume these devices remove hair after one go and they don’t, they don’t all remove hair permanently, but they do help reduce regrowth x

    1. They can make a big difference in regrowth but a big factor can be hair and skin colour.

  35. Thank you for the recommendation! I’ve been looking at trying something like this!

    1. If you start now Tanya it should start showing a reduction by the summer.

  36. i loooove your review! i have basically transparent skin and black hair, it’s a nightmare 🙁 can i just ask how you cover the beauty marks? i do have quite a few on my arms..can i not go over them at all? thank you 🙂

    1. It says you are not meant to unfortunately. I just pop a little piece of white paper over them.

    1. It’s working which is brilliant.

  37. The results on your arm look great! I would love to invest in one of these one days when I’ve saved up some money. For the long term, it would be so helpful!

  38. I’m definitely going to treat myself to an IPL device soon, before summer gets here x

    1. These are best used over the winter months otherwise use a factor 50 on your skin when you go out.

  39. This does look useful. Being unwell I often need help with some basic tasks and I’d rather get help with this kind of tool than a regular razor blade. Angela

  40. This sounds like an interesting alternative to regular hair removal options, although I’d never heard of it before. I hate the way my skin goes after shaving, so I might give this a go! 🙂

    1. It does make a big difference in hair growth.

  41. I want to try this now! I am so afraid of waxing so maybe I will consider this option! xoxo

    1. I don’t wax it hurts too much lol.

  42. This looks so effective – I have always been wary of trying anything like this in case it is painful, but this sounds great! Kaz x

  43. I would love the homedics duo, I have dark hair which can be a pain to deal with so this would be perfect for me.

    1. I hope it works well for you Ana x

  44. Ohh it is interesting to hear it actually works and it doesn’t hurt to much – perhaps I need to treat myself. x

    1. I was worried about the pain side so it was a relief.

  45. I’ve always wondered if this sort of thing actually works! It would be amazing to get rid of hair permanently & not have to bother with shaving all the time! Lucy

    1. It really does reduce hair growth but you need to keep using it.

  46. I should agree that this is a great investment but people should know what’s the real purpose of Duo before getting one. Good to know as well as it’s not as painful as I imagined.

    1. I was very relieved it didn’t hurt. I must admit I was worried before I tried it.

  47. I never heard of this. It seems very good, I’m glad it works for you.

    1. It can be useful when you are on holiday to have hair free parts lol.

  48. I just got one, whether it will work for me or not remains to be seen. They could really put more info in the leaflet as to how often to use during the first 3 months. I assume it’s every 2 weeks at first and then monthly top ups? I was lucky to get the free facial cartridge with mine. It comes with little goggles to protect the eyes, but you can’t see a darn thing with them and they are a little on the small side.
    Also you should mention that it has a 120 day money back guarantee (UK, Ireland & Australia). This is peace of mind for those who are worried about spending money on something that might not work for them.

    1. Thanks Anna, the guarantee is good as it helps encourage people to purchase them and give them a try.

    2. Hi Anna where did you buy it from and how much have you spent?

      Thanks xx

  49. Can i ask you if the colour of your flash light if is yellow or red?

    1. It’s a white light 😉

  50. hi i will be buying this unit and i want to know if its really working well?
    please let me know how effective it is after a consecutive used?

    1. If you use it regularly the you will find that it really does reduce hair growth. Good luck x

  51. hi, is this product safe to be used on sensitive areas like full bikini?

    1. It is fine for the bikini line just be careful where you point the light.

  52. I have very fine hairs on my face and would like to use it but am scared in case it burns and scars my skin.

    1. This device isn’t for use on the face as far as I am aware.

  53. It does apparently have a face adaptor!

    1. That’s good to know, thanks Joy 😉

  54. It sounds like a great way to get rid of hair.

  55. It says the cartridge will last 300,000 flashes – does this mean you will need to purchase a new cartridge or is the cartridge itself rechargable?
    This is the only question I have about the product 🙂

    1. Hi Simone. Yes you need to buy a replacement cartridge which varies in price so do have a good look around before buying.

  56. This sounds like an interesting product. I’d love to try it.

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