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Lucky little me. A bottle of Chardonnay arrived for sampling. This was no ordinary Chardonnay, this was Alcohol free and low calorie Chardonnay (wow, I sound like an M&S advert). Ever the child at heart, I hurriedly and excitedly tore open the packaging and put it straight into the fridge so it could chill. The bottle looked like most other bottles of wine although it does say it is alcohol free on the label.

Never having tried anything like this before I wasn’t sure what to expect. I decided that a range of opinions would be required. I especially wanted to see what my father would think as I am always on the look out for low calorie products for him.

I made a point of not telling anyone that it was alcohol free prior to them having tasted the Chardonnay. The first sampling was with my husband. The smell was unusual and didn’t do it any justice. Once you taste it, you can immediately detect hints of citrus as well as peach. The Chardonnay was crisp, refreshing, light and not overly acidic. We both found it easy to drink and I thought at the time that a sparkling version would also go down very well too.

I took the bottle to some friends who are hardened drinkers to see what they would make of it. They were a little put off by the smell but agreed that on drinking it was quite refreshing. They found it a little too light for their taste and felt it was more like a grape juice than a wine.

Finally my parents sampled the Chardonnay. My father was pleasantly surprised but had guessed it alcohol free the low calorie part was an added bonus. He liked the Chardonnay so much that he said he would probably buy this by the case rather than by the bottle. My mum who normally doesn’t drink wine really enjoyed it and found it to be very smooth and palatable. They felt this would be great drunk with a meal.

There was a mixed reaction to the Chardonnay, some liked it and others were not so keen as they felt it wasn’t quite the same as an alcoholic version. The thought the idea behind this was great. It has been created for those that want something as an alcohol substitute where they cannot drink anything alcoholic due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, calorie counting and of course for those cutting down on their weekly alcohol unit consumption. Having just 26 calories per 125ml serving its a great calorie saver as the alcoholic version would contain approximately 90 to 100 calories for the same size serving. It is one to try rather than overlooking as tastes vary from person to person as demonstrated by the samplings carried out.

There are four different types available: Riesling, Rose, Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon! The full range can be purchased from Morrison’s, and selected wines can be purchased from Waitrose, Co-op, Booths, Bargain Booze and online from Slurp.com the recommended retail price is £3.60.

Also see my review of their Rose here!


7 thoughts on “Eisberg: Alcohol Free Chardonnay”

  1. Wow !! Is Eisberg still going ?? I haven’t seen it in the shops for ages – I am sure it used to come in a green bottle that had an Iceberg shape on top ?? It also used to be one variety only – we used to have it at all family meals because my FIL had a stroke so we used to drink this because he couldn’t have alcohol – it was really nice. Will have to get some to try now they have relaunched it !! x

    1. Make sure you try the Chardonnay Natasha, we really enjoyed it and it’s very refreshing now in the warm weather 😉

  2. Great find.I’m not a big drinker and don’t enjoy Wine as a rule – unless its Sparkling and sweet. I think I’ll keep an eye out for this – something I can drink and enjoy.

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