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Twinkle Twinkle

It’s the occasion of the year, you want something stylish, elegant and classy that isn’t overstated, looks glamorous but at the same time doesn’t scream look at me, what piece of jewellery do you wear?  The look I would generally go for in terms of jewellery and clothing is one of glamorous sophistication and I believe I manage to pull it off in most cases.  I always opt for clothes with a feminine appearance that flatter the figure.  There is truth in the saying black clothing can hide a multitude of sins so always make sure that you take advantage of this.  A bit of sparkle is necessary not always from the outfit itself but by the jewellery worn with it.  I found the perfect necklace and bracelet combination on the Majique website that not only look stunning but sparkle beautifully.

Both pieces are made of silver metal with diamante details.  The necklace length is adjustable so you can decide on the length and it allows for varying sizes.



The bracelet has a T-Bar fastening so is easy to get on and off.



This week I am featuring dresses from Little Mistress.  I had initially planned to focus on little black dresses but some others caught my eye and you will understand why when you see them.  Firstly the classic little black dress / body con dress.

dress 13

We all have one of these is our wardrobe, a classic black dress that can be dressed up with different accessories so it looks like a different outfit each time (I don’t believe in wearing an item once and disposing of it , you can create some great looks with the correct additions).

This next dress was simply stunning and is going to be added to my summer wish list as I should be able to pull it off soon with a few more power walks.

dress 14

oooo and this one!!!!

dress 15

It’s almost a little black dress.

dress 16

The silver bracelets can be worn with almost any colour dress although make sure as in the picture above if there are embellishments that they are silver to avoid a colour clash and also avoid a dress with embellishments near the neckline as this will be far less flattering.

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  1. OO… I love the white dress teamed up with a nice tan would be stunning. The necklace and bracelet are beautiful too.

  2. The dresses are gorgeous – love them all actually, especially the white one, although sadly I don’t have the legs for them!!

  3. I love the jewellery, it’s simple but classy and would lovely with all three of those dresses x

  4. That necklace and bracelet are so beautiful and elegant! I agree with the other comments too, I love the white dress!!

    Hannah x

  5. love the dresses

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