As many of you know I am very much into my boots.  Now that the season is changing yet again I think we will all agree that we have stepped into boot season (pun intended).  Boots can vary from place to place in quality and of course this will influence their appearance, feel and durability.

Have you ever found that one pair of boots and known you simply had to have them; that perfect pair of boots that goes with a range of outfits (always a bonus), feels so comfortable that you feel like you are walking on air, look beautifully stylish and also give you great support when you walk?  I can safely say that before last week I myself hadn’t.  A fortunate turn of events led me to discover Morlands Glastonbury, a company that specialise in creating gorgeous, great quality sheepskin products from boots, to slippers, gloves, scarves and even a super cute fluffy teddy!

I ordered some Sheepskin boots and they were delivered to me last week.  The boots they arrived exceptionally fast which is always a great sign.  On opening the box I was impressed at how much care had gone into packaging the boots to ensure they arrived in great condition.  They were perfectly wrapped and had been packed in a way that they wouldn’t lose their shape.  As I lifted the paper to look at the boots I was immediately overjoyed at the thought that I may had just found the perfect boots for this Autumn season.  The second my hand touched the first boot to lift it out I was aware of the superior quality of this product.  Incredibly soft to the touch and that was just the outer part.  Inside the boots you are greeted again with further softness.  Until you try on these boots for yourself you couldn’t imagine how they might feel but to give you an idea it’s as if your feet are given a warm hug by a cloud, it is simply incredible.  Once on there is no way you are taking these babies off me, seriously it’s like trying to share the food from my plate, never advisable purely for your own safety.  I’d feel perfectly comfortable strutting my stuff on the catwalk wearing these beauties as they are are superb example of stylish boots.

Tara Boot from Morlands Glastonbury

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The best thing is these boots are versatile and can be paired with various outfits which just adds to my excitement.  These simply go with almost anything except more formal wear but otherwise you are probably covered with these plus they are also available in black!!!!

Check out my video here and get a closer look:


The rubber sole provide a great grip, perfect for walks in the Autumn on slippery damp leaves and also great for the winter months that bring with them ice and snow.  The soles are flexible so they are easy to walk in and there is a slight heel adding to the femininity of the boot.  The boot has been lined with natural sheepskin giving it a super soft feel and adding a light padding to the inside of the boot.

These would look great with jeans, leggings, jegging and of course my favourite type of clothing other than footwear; dresses!

Couldn’t you see yourself walking down the street looking fabulously chic in a pair of the Tara boots in either black or brown and any of the following dresses from Boohoo!


boohoo6All I need now is the dresses!!!

What do you think of my fabulous new boots?

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  1. they look really cute and wearing them with those dresses is a great idea! I have similar ones from last year, so I’ll see how they look this year and if not, I may get one of those too! x

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  2. Oh wow, I am loving the look of these books and they seem really warm which is a huge plus for me. I do not have many ankle boots as I prefer knee high but would so love to try these

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