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Step into Autumn in Style

With the incessant cooler weather combined with scattered and heavy showers I am beginning to prepare for Autumn.  I love to look at shoes and boots online, who doesn’t and a site that I have visited before because I know I am guaranteed good quality products is Brantano.  These guys have some pretty drool worthy boots on their sites that are going to get us all super excited about the arrival of Autumn.

There are so many boots to choose from that it really made my job creating a wishlist of ladies ankle boots extremely hard.  I do love boots and it’s always good to have a few colours rather than play it safe with just black.  The bonus is that these guys make boots that are of a good quality and hard wearing.

I like sleek, sophisticated feminine styles and there was a really good range of boots that fit my criteria to choose from.  I love my shoes alongside my handbags, dresses, jewellery etc. just like any other woman and looking at the various styles of boots and imagining where I could wear them is just as fun as when they arrive!!!!

The school run, walking to work or a casual get together with friends would be suited to the practical styles pictured below giving a casual yet classy look.  These work well with jeans, leggings, jeggings and dresses and skirts (dresses and skirts would be around knee length).  All of these would also look great for a night out with friends.

My Favourite Picks




Also perfect for evening wear are these lovely and fantastically feminine boots.  The top right pair of boots is also available in blue or red.


Again these boots can be styled with jeans, jeggings, leggings and dresses but with a less casual and more glam look.

What do you think about my boot selection?  Do you like the sleek feminine look too or prefer something a little chunkier?  There are many more styles to be found over on the site so why not pop over and take a look for yourself.

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  1. I absolutely love those first pair of brown boots, I would live in those all winter.

    1. They are beautiful, I was surprised I found so many I liked. It was hard to limit the for the post.

  2. Sometimes I like biker or chelsea boots when it comes to winter but most times I end up with trainers on lol x

    1. I love to have a small range. I need enough for the various outfits.

  3. Ohhh how lovely are those boots, I have one trusty pair but I feel I need more.

    1. You do need more!!! The more the better 😉

  4. I love ankle boots, I really need to buy myself another pair ready for the Autumn x

    1. I plan to get a few in asap.

  5. i can’t wait to start wearing ankle boots more and jumpers too

    1. Me to, not long now!!!

  6. It would definitely be cool to make some outfits with these boots. I really like a lot of these styles.

    1. There is a good range there, they are all great with different outfits. Bet I could find something for each if I bought them all.

  7. I love the selection of boots that you have chosen.

    1. Thanks Daniel, me to they look great don’t they.

  8. The approach of autumn is a great opportunity to start looking for some new boots. Great selection!

    1. Thanks, they are gorgeous boots aren’t they.

  9. I have been looking at ankle boots this week – I get all excited when the kids go back to school and I can buy some new boots and our winter coats 😀

    1. You and me both,,, can’t wait to get some shopping done 😉

  10. Those top brown boots are gorgeous! I’m so ready for autumn fashion now!

    1. Me to there are so many gorgeous clothes and dresses we can wear.

  11. I love both the black boots on the right .. shame I can’t wear high heels due to a back injury.

    1. No problem they also have low heels on the site x

  12. I can not wait to wear boots again! I need to go and get a few new pairs X

    1. Me too in a range of colours.

  13. I’ve been on the look out for some new boots myself with the new season! Love your picks.

    1. Thanks Amelia, you can never have too many boots.

  14. I need some new boots for winter. These look great!

    1. They are gorgeous boots, here is just a small selection.

  15. I have just started to look for Autumn boots as ive noticed my last pair have a hole in the sole 🙁 x

    1. Perfect timing, there are loads to chose from on this site.

  16. They’re gorgeous boots but definitely not ones I could wear – I’m rubbish with heels these days.

    1. There is a really good range on the site, it’s worth looking those with low or no heel.

  17. What a lovely collection of boots. All the styles are so nice but my fav is the top brown one.

    1. Those are a good choice aren’t they I do love those.

  18. I live in boots in the Autumn. love the black leather and suede boots, I would buy those for sure

    1. That is a super style, so feminine and pretty.

  19. I love the style of those boots, very pretty.

    1. I was impressed at the number of nice ones on the site.

  20. Very nice! i need some new boots for Autumn and winter

    1. That was good timing, have fun shopping.

  21. I love ankle boots. These are so stylish.

    1. The do look good don’t they.

  22. Those first boots are my favourite – I love them!

    1. There are some gorgeous styles to chose from.

  23. I’ve got a favourite pair of grey suede ankle boots – they are so comfy!

    1. They sound great, I need some grey ones too.

  24. I love all your boot pics, gorgeous/stylish! Great post! X

    1. These were my favourites although there are loads of lovely ones on the site.

  25. totally love the brown boots. I like how flexible they are to match with the outfit.

    1. Brown boots are a perfect colour for Autumn and these ones look great.

  26. I love all of them – so pretty!! Perfect for the transition from summer into autumn/winter too. x

    1. They are lovely, I do love boots.

  27. Boots are my favourite thing about autumn. I’m always in a pair!

    1. Me too which is probably why I need a few.

  28. The first boots are my favourite! I love wearing boots

    1. Me too, the are a must have!

  29. These are all fab! I love chunky boots for myself, but seeing a range of styles around is great.

    1. I love to have a few different ones as it makes your wardrobe that bit more flexible.

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