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My daughter came home yesterday and asked me when we were going to do some Spring cleaning.  It occurred to me that my husband’s clothes could probably do with a Spring clean so today I went about rummaging through his wardrobe to make sure that he was properly equipped for current weather conditions.  With the slightly warmer weather that we have been experiencing and daily temperature falling between 6 and 10 degrees in London it is still a bit cold for short sleeved shirts or T-Shirts but light woollen jumpers on the other hand would do perfectly.  My conclusion on having looked through his clothes were that he was lacking in the jumper department and some of them could really do with replacing too.  Before I grabbed the bin and emptied half of his wardrobe I thought it best to take a look through the mens jumpers over on Wool Overs and write a wish list for my lovely hubby.  This way he could look at what I had selected and pop an order through once he was happy with the selection.


My boys!

As you can see it looks like my husband has been shopping there already and how good does that jumper look on him!

Popping over to the site the first thing I noticed was that there was a sale!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, what amazing timing I can get even more items lol.  Not only were items reduced but they had a multi buy option that reduced the price further.

After taking a few deep breaths to try and get over my initial excitement I got on with looking through the jumpers.

Wow, this site was so easy to use and on each colour you hoover over with the mouse you can see the model in that colour jumper, now how efficient is that!

Noticing the unisex jumper I realised I could also shop for myself but that may have to be aother blog post as I loooove my photo’s and this blog post would end up being a collage of colours and we wouldn’t want to confuse the husband lol.

These are the jumpers that I choose for my husband:

Unisex Lambs Wool Crew Neck Jumper (REF-L1)

A wardrobe staple for any trendy male.

jumper 1

Unisex Lambs Wool V Neck Sweater (REF-L2)

Recognise this one?

jumper 2

Unisex V Neck Jumper (REF-C23)

Mix of cotton and cashmere.

jumper 3

Crew Neck Jumper (REF-K2)

With a mix of cashmere and merino this luxurious jumper would make a great gift for that special man in your life, plus would be lovely to snuggle up to.  This mix can also be found a a V Neck.

jumper 4

Unisex Zip Neck Jumper (REF-C24)

Cotton and cashmere and another wardrobe staple.

jumper 5

Unisex Aran Zip Neck Jumper

Whilst I’m here anyway one for my little brother:

This looks lovely and cosy and it should be as warm as it looks as it is made from pure British wool.

jumper 6

Back to the husband.

Chunky Zip Neck Jumper

Great for casual wear and warm too.

jumper 7

Unisex Zip Neck Jumper

Similar to the above jumper but a little lighter for warmer weather.

jumper 8

Unisex Long Sleeved Henley (REF-C92)

Perfect as it is or worn under any of the above jumpers if it’s really cold!

jumper 9

The colours I selected were quite neutral and mainly earthy colours as that is my husband tends to like although Wool Over have a great selection of colours to select from for each jumper.

 jumper 10 jumper 11 jumper 12

I was really impressed by the product reviews on this website, there were very few items that did not have the full 5 stars which really does inspire confidence in the company and the products that they provide.

Happy Shopping!

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12 thoughts on “Spring clean your wardrobe (Mens Fashion)”

  1. I don’t think my husband would be too impressed if I decided to spring clean his wardrobe but he’d not complain if I treated him to some smart new clothes either.
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week 🙂 x

    1. The great thing about this site is that they do a range of products so he will probably find something that he likes.

  2. This Unisex V Neck Jumper is really so cool. I can it will be perfectly match with me. But how can get it?

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