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It’s that time of year again that my fashion focus shifts to my feet as the cold from the ground permeates the soles of my well worn boots into my toes whilst I join the masses scrambling to make it to the school gates with little time to spare in the mornings.  Each year it’s the same and good boots are essential in preparation for the icy cold weather that will be leaving behind a glistening trail of frost on London’s pavements and roads.  Of course not just anything will do.  I need to combine a mixture of factors including practicality, reliability and price.

Now they saying you get what you pay for so far has been proved true to me.  Having bought some cheap boots in the past and then comparing them to a more expensive boots I have bought it was apparent that should I prefer not to take my life in my hands when walking along the road and proceeding to glide and possibly make a few unladylike manoeuvres to avoid landing awkwardly on my bottom.  It’s more than obvious that I need to pay for a good quality pair to keep my feet toasty and snug and firmly on the ground.

I had planned initially to buy some boots at the shopping event I went to recently but didn’t get a chance to although to be honest it worked out for the best as I have now found a number of super trendy and of course fabulous looking boots online and the best part is they are on sale and I don’t have to fight through hoards of shoppers to get them.

I should probably mention I am looking to buy some UGGS having discovered that they have some great looking styles available.  Honestly for boots that started off being called ugly they have come a long way and have changed considerably.

I like to put some thought into each purchase so I decided to put together a wishlist with my options but for those wanting to maybe grab a pair or 3 themselves you can always pop over here where I found an Ugg boots sale.  Be warned you will be dazzled by numerous lovely sale items so make sure you have your card at hand.

UGG Black Jayne

Isn’t this a great looking boot and it goes with so many outfits.  You can easily wear them with jeans, leggings, jeggings and even dresses for a fabulously fashionable yet casual look.  These are really good quality as one might expect and have a rubber sole for an enhanced grip – it’s just what I need!!!!  This boot has shock-absorbing PORON and a memory foam insole which really appeals as it means it’s going to be nice and comfortable.

UGG Dandridge Ankle Boot

Another in black I know, but black is just one of those colours that looks fantastic on boots and I am sure you will all agree.

This is a great trendy boot and again has a cushioned and foam lined insole providing the ultimate in comfort.  Quality is shown throughout this product with leather straps and hard wearing details.  The suede looks great here making this a boot you can use to create a smart or smart casual look.

UGG Brea Ankle Boots in Brown Leather and Suede

Love, love, love.  What can I say these look amazing and really warm too.  I can see myself living in boots like this over winter – hubby might need to pry them off my feet before I climb into bed lol.

Perfect for my school drop off’s, shopping trips and casual events you can’t deny these have to come close to the perfect boot for day wear.  Not only are they a great classic style, the heel isn’t too high to put you at risk of breaking your neck each time you walk across a wobbly paving stone.  These sheepskin boots will keep your toes toasty and again the PORON and a memory foam insole features here as one might expect.

Notice the boots are getting longer?


This elegant and sleek boot looks great and makes a nice change from black for those that are adventurous enough to mix up the colours in their wardrobe.  Flirty, feminine and fabulous these luxurious sheepskin fur lined boots of course have the same quality soles as the rest of those I have selected – well you need to do proper research!  An added bonus is that the can be worn zipped or cuffed.

Last but by all means not least is:


These are the longest pair of boots from those I am lusting after and possibly the most practical for when I am taking the school run into consideration and the cooler months to come.

Now having made it to this stage of the post and having thought it through I am thinking I might need more than one pair.  Well a girl has to be covered. The last thing I need is to regret not having bought one of them – we’ve all done that before.  Now the hardest decision lies ahead, which ones to buy!!!

What do you think of my boot selection?  Do you like any of the ones I have selected?

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26 thoughts on “Needed, Comfy Boots With A Good Grip!”

  1. I never even thought to look at UGG for these kinds of boots – just the classic UGG style! Thanks for bringing them to my attention!

  2. I’m sure I can remember reading your post on boots last year. You have a lovely selection here. I love the UGG boots but I’ve always been a little obsessed with UGGs.

    Ami xxx

    1. Ha. yes it’s one of those things that I like to do each year if not more often depending on the styles I am after. These UGGS are great!!!!

  3. I love the top 3 boots you listed here! I agree with you that comfy boots and comfy shoes, in general, is a must for traveling.

  4. Omg they are all so stunning!!! I love the variation in style but they all catch your eye too they look fab! Ugg are great quality, I particularly love the Jayne styled boots!!!

  5. Love these boots so stylish & classy sadly some of the styles are a bit high & being tall anyway steer away from those,But that is the fashion & we all like to follow the current trends don’t we?

  6. I absolutely love the Black Appalachin boots, they look super comfy and very cosy! I would like them in brown I think 🙂 very nice to go with jeggings or skinny jeans. perfect to keep warm in the winter months.

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